Shake Off The Stigma And Be Proud Of Who You Are 🌟

What an amazing two weeks
Culminating yesterday in my old manner of Hertford and a beautiful bunch of flowers, presented to me by my step-daughter Aimi. It was lovely to have Dom with me at the end too, especially as there was much talk about food and sugar addiction with QS Guide Theresa who is from Hertford (she used to come to my meditation classes before Dom and I moved to Lavenham).

There is a real safety within QS
A held space for you to open up and get to know who you really are
For you to reach out and ask questions without fear of being judged or shot down

Good for you; the people who have made the commitment to be at each of these workshops
But what about the others?

Why is addiction still such a taboo subject?
The stigma of coming to an addiction meeting was probably too much for some people
So they weren’t there
They missed out
Still struggling in the shadows

QS is about tackling the social pressures
QS is about breaking down the external conditioning
QS is about uncovering your own inner set of beliefs that are ultimately preventing you from moving forwards.

So what to do?
How do we give more people the confidence to come to the next QS tour (in the planning already!)?

….the QS book

It can be read at home
The meditations can be done without anyone knowing about it
You can dive into the exercises and begin to shift your inner dialogue
And it is very nearly ready
We are putting a deadline of 16th February in place

Read the book
Understand the QS concept
Then, if you haven’t already, and the words resonate
Join this revolution of FREEDOM IN SOBRIETY

The opposite of addiction, after all, is connection 🙌
The first QS groups will begin around the country soon
It is the gem that has been discovered during the last two weeks
People want physical CONNECTION as well as online support
And we are doing that

I’ve done it
The QS Guides have done it
And FREEDOM is possible for YOU too
All you got to do is believe it into reality

We did the ‘Trigger Free Me’ meditation at all of the tour workshops
And I will be contacting participants next week to see if they have been keeping it up
Change IS possible
Freedom IS on the table
And it is up to YOU to shift your mindset

THANK YOU to the QS Guides for your support, passion, time, and love
THANK YOU to everyone who made the commitment to be at one of the workshops; these two weeks was for YOU; to get the message out that addicts are NOT weak, they are strong, we are the lucky ones. So shake off the stigma and be proud of who you really are.

I end each meditation that I teach with the word ‘Namaste’
The direct translation of this Sanskrit word is,

‘The light in me honours the light in you’
In QS we are connecting via this light
My soul literally reaches in and touches yours
Sometimes no words are needed
There is an unconditional acceptance
An absolute recognition
We are all one 🙏

What Did Hertford Have To Say?

Read some of yesterdays participants’ words on how they felt at the end of the workshop….

The workshop was inspiring and informative. Jo is a great speaker and presenter, and the programme was explained very clearly in a friendly inclusive way

Thank you so much for your inspiring and informative meeting. I am looking forward to the journey 

An amazing insight for anyone who has not heard of the programme. A wealth of knowledge crammed into 2hrs (which flew by!). Loved the mix of the two meditations! Thanks Jo and Theresa

Very good, mind opening
Enjoyed the experience

I really enjoyed today, I feel calm and relaxed and ready to deal with situations in my life. Everyone was lovely and I felt very welcome

A selection of Hertford workshop attendees

The QS Book

Available Next Month

You can pre-order your book today and get one of the first 100 signed copies. As I have said above we are hoping to have the books in print by mid-February

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