Service To Self Or Service To Others?


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HH Karmapa

’I’ll take defeat upon myself and give victory to others’ is a well-known pith instruction of mind training. Not just following the meaning of the words, we should reflect on whom or what is it that takes the defeat or victory. The focus here is not on the person, but on the mind. We place the defeat on the mind that takes things to be real or that clings to a self and we give the victory to the mind that cares for others. In brief, we continually diminish the mind that cherishes the self and continually develop the mind that cherishes others. We could think in terms of a person, but then we would miss the opportunity to train our mind, which is the whole point of lojong.

With the imminent arrival of the QS book I had the thought recently that perhaps I have given ‘too much’ in it, for all of the meditations, all of the exercises, and all of the technique is laid out in this offering, for just £9.99!

So I began to look at what I was feeling around this, and why
What is my intention for the book?
Service to self, ie: money? NO
Service to others, ie: changing the conversation around addiction and addicts? YES
And I relaxed again
My deepest desire, and what drives me everyday is to shift the world view on what is possible in relation to addiction and addicts; for society to see them as strong, not weak. Misguided maybe, but hopeless most certainly not.

My role in this life is to empower
And my book certainly will do that, for £9.99!
We still don’t have a date for its arrival, but it is going to be real soon
Watch this space….


Member Quote.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

If we only visualise the future without letting go of the limiting belief, whatever that is, then it is still there holding us back from the future we want.
Hazel, QS Guide

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