Are You Seeing The Magic Around You? 🦄


We need to slow down to SEE the magic; we’re not going to notice anything if we conduct our lives in a whirlwind of stress, expectations, deadlines and responsibility.
Something is obviously going to have to give.
You are going to have to get on your meditation cushion and connect to stillness.
And in the beginning yes it may be difficult but if you listen to recorded meditations you literally feel like time shifted: BECAUSE IT JUST DID.

The magic is playing out all around you every moment, but are you seeing it?
Yesterday I noticed everything and on a number of occasions had to laugh out loud!

  • I got stuck behind a super slow car and was cursing as I thought I’d miss my train, and there was policeman with a speed gun; I would have been caught speeding if that slow car was not in front of me
  • I realised that I forgot to pick up the exact change for the car park like I normally do, then fished around in my handbag and had the EXACT right amount
  • I set the intention to catch a certain train and catch it I indeed did
  • I wanted to purchase 16 of something and the shop had EXACTLY 16!

The magic is there if you are looking for it and if you believe.
All around.
And the more in alignment you get to your heart, the more the magic reveals itself.
Try it today!

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