Into Retreat: Training Ground For Magic To Happen 🌟✨💫

Daily Motivation 185

I have a retreat centre
I invite others to come on retreat
I MUST go on retreat myself
Otherwise it is all a farce
I would not be walking the talk
And so here I go
Into retreat today

I’ll be gone for 11 days but the blogs will continue from the archive
If you’ve read them before then they will serve as a reminder, and if you have been part of this Daily Motivation blog for less than a year the words over the next 11 days will be new to you.

I am sure my writing will be different on my return
More open
More heart
More love
More insights
As I am going to Scotland to take part in a compassion practice
I do it every year
It’s like an MOT
And I always feel different after it

It is so important to take time out from ‘normal life’
To get perspective
To fill up your soul
To connect with pure consciousness
Take a break from busyness
And create time for the magic to happen

I will be aligning myself to my dreams
And asking where exactly 2017 is heading for me
Where do I want to go?
What are my intentions?
Where do YOU want to go?
What are YOUR intentions?

Perhaps if you cannot get away for longer, plan a day retreat in your home whilst I am away; turn your phone off, clear your diary, and do what makes your heart sing:
Meditate, walk in nature, eat natural healthy food, exercise, have a bath and/or read an inspiring book.
Fill your soul with self-love
Put yourself FIRST for a change
And watch as because of this internal shift, your outer experience HAS to transform also.

Meditation is a mini-retreat
15 or 30 minutes away from normality
Meditation is the training ground for greatness, for magic, happiness and contentment.
So keep at it in my absence!
I will be checking up on you on my return!
And have a great 11 days…..

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I went to my best friends birthday last night where you’re given wine on tap and not to drink is unheard of….I made a commitment to myself as I got out the car that I wouldn’t even entertain it, if I’d had more time I would’ve posted in here for accountability but I felt very ok about the whole thing and guess what….I sailed through! Another yay!
So this morning I am full of such gratefulness to you all for this amazing group and I’m bursting with love for you all
what a difference from New Year’s Eve to now…my desperate post of “I am in pain” to this content, peaceful feeling where I truly do believe anything is possible!
S, Online Programme

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