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Daily Motivation 295


We can live our lives from one of two places:

Whichever one we choose, we are sure to have a very different experience.
When anyone comes on retreat here at Inner Guidance I will ask them a question as soon as they arrive, and you can ask yourself NOW the same question,

“How do you make decisions?
From your head or from your heart?”

Their answer tells me everything I need to know;
How ease-fully they live their life
And I then can tailor the retreat / meditations to their individual needs
Let me explain….

We are taught in our society that heads and bodies are separate; what is going on with our bodies has no relation to our mental health. The truth, however, couldn’t be further from the truth, I mean, just think about how ridiculous that conditioning is; we are NOT cut at the neck!

We need to truly comprehend this to then take this one step further:

Stop Listening To Our Heads 
And Instead Drop Down Into Our Hearts For The Answer

Head think it knows
But it doesn’t
Heart does

And when we link these above pieces together we reMEMBER who we really are
We become whole
And life gets EASY

For going around and around in circles in the head will drive you mad and create massive overwhelm, BECAUSE THE ANSWER DOESN’T COME FROM THE HEAD!
But most of us are overlooking where the answers ALL come from
We don’t listen to our intuition; we’ve been told to turn it off by society
And so we continue the cycle of struggle
Over and over and over again
Wondering why life is so difficult

And we can test this out right now….
Ask your heart for the answer:

“Do I want to get drunk tonight?”
“Do I want to eat that crap again today?”
“Do I want to snort my wages up my nose over the weekend?”

What is the answer?

We have many come on the residential retreat and they ALL leave fully in their hearts, but life takes over sometimes (read todays member quote below as an example of one retreatee to another’s conversation), and they must reMEMBER, reJOIN, reESTABLISH the connection to the heart.

And of course the head plays a part too
For once we know what the answer in our hearts is, our head can use its expertise in logical solution solving to work out how to implement it. Think of it like a good employer getting the most out of their staff; the boss works out what everyones strengths are and places them within the business accordingly
= win : win for everyone
The trick though is to decide from the heart and not the head; getting used to doing this so that it becomes second nature and the natural and automatic way you live your life. Just because you’ve always decided from your head, and lets face it that is how we’ve always been taught by our peers, does not mean we have to continue to live like this.


are a team working together;
Great friends when left to their separate areas of expertise


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝*** I read your post. It seemed like a cry for help. I just want you to know we are all here for you. Remember that feeling when you left the retreat. You looked so peacful and happy and beautiful and connected. Meditate back to that time and that moment. Feel that peace again inside you. Thr retreat showed you the path and your on it and doing amazingly, whats happening is the realities of life, i.e. work is distracting you from that feeling and connectivity. Its ok we all go through it BUT these are critical times in sobriety and in the first year. Don’t let this get on top of you because it only ends one way. You have done incredible things already in your sobriety and must keep believing that your special and that a job is just a job. You can not be there for your kid and your life if you are not happy. Gently try to make changes while saying I am in control of who i am, I am a great mother and I am enough. There are hundreds of companies, jobs and people who desire your strength and skills. Believe it. Sending love and strength xxx❞
T, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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