Redefining How To Party 🎉🎈


Yesterday was our twice annual QS members party
We always have a summer party, and the winter one also includes our AGM

A few days ago I was making a graphic for the party for our secret group and began searching for photos under the title ‘party’. I was assaulted with smiling faces of cake eating, booze drinking people having ‘fun’. But this is such a lie; getting drunk out of your head and eating crappy party food may be ‘fun’ at the time, but it certainly isn’t the next day, and the health implications of having this kind of ‘fun’ are devastating to the mind and body.

Society has got this so mixed up, and we are given subliminal messages daily that the only way we can have ‘fun’ is to get smashed out of our heads on booze, and filled to the brim with sugar; we even tell our children this!

It has got to stop
And I believe the tide IS turning
Not without a price to pay
This week in UK news a report showed that heavy drinking is a “major factor” in all forms of dementia; the brain is literally besieged by this poison, along with the liver and physical body. How is that ‘fun’?
When we drop down deeper into who we really are, when we drink we are turning away from our essence, our spirit, our soul. We deny our light, and if we drink enough don’t even remember this amazing night we apparently had; bonkers isn’t it.

However, I am pleased to report that the QS community are redefining ‘fun’
We had an amazing day yesterday
And remembered



No hangovers this Sunday morning
Just a mind full of happy memories
THAT is what we call ‘fun’

No one has any regrets
Nobody embarrassed themselves
There is no self-flagellation this morning

Instead everyone is waking up content
No fear or doubt
Now that is called FREEDOM

And please join us
There is room enough for you too
You don’t have to live a life of settling for less than you deserve any longer
A life of freedom is not only possible, but waiting for you
It is ONLY your belief that it is not that is standing in your way
For what you believe you become
What are YOU believing today?


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

It was such a lovely day yesterday. So, so lovely to see and meet so many of the QS ‘tribe’. If you’ve ever had any doubt that the opposite of addiction is connection then you’ve not been to a QS party.  
S, Residential Retreat and Online Member

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