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At the beginning of this month we held our One Day QS Workshop that runs three times per year. Here is what some of the participants said about it:

“A non judgemental, lovely experience, understanding team. Wanting to help and support me and wonderful food. Thank you”

“From the moment I stepped through the door at IG I felt calmness and sense of belonging I never experienced anywhere else. It is my favourite place to be in the world. IG is a glimmer of light and hope in the darkness. I will leave changed for better and have peeled another layer ff on my continuing journey. Many many thanked as always. Even though I already knew a lot of the content during the day it was a wonderful refresher and reminder of it.”

“Synchronicity. It has come at a time when I am ready to receive the knowledge and inspiration and it has been a privilege to spend time with Jo and Dom benefitting from their experience, wisdom and teaching.”

‘We came here to do some meditation and came away learning that the past is our friend and that the future is anything you want it to be. The power of your mind has your true potential it is up to you to listen.”

“I was apprehensive at the start, but I have enjoyed myself. I’m not entirely sure that I got out of it what I was expecting but I have realised a lot of truths about myself. I look forward to trying to address them and live my best life.”

“Nice to share the day with people who understand. lovely environment, lovely food and great hosts.”

“Jo is real and authentic and a joy to learn from.”

“Thank you for providing a safe, comfortable, environment with a professional, welcoming manner. The setting is amazing and I have learnt so much to expand my meditation practise, identified further coping strategies to deal with daily life, gained lots of information regarding clean cooking and am very grateful for the experience. Thank you.
I would recommend this retreat to gain deeper understanding of healthy living, mental health and meditation strategies.”

“This has been the most amazing day. I was apprehensive and considered not attending but I am so glad I did as this has given me the inner strength and confidence to know I can change my life for the better. Thank you Jo – you are an inspiration. Thank you Dom – you have inspired me to try clean, healthy foods and experiment with clean cooking with my girls”

“Lovely, peaceful, at home, eyes open, questions answered, kind, understanding, treating and so happy to start my meditation process”

“Opened up something I knew was locked away and let me recognise the pain I still hold which keeps me in a self destruct cycle. Although an uncomfortable experience it has enlightened my pathway forward to make sustainable change”


Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Thanks Jo and Sophie
Really inspiring.
This is pushing me to up my game.
Love it

Residential Retreat and Online Member



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