QS Socials: Launching In A Few Weeks! 👌


We are excited to launch Quantum Sobriety Socials next month, with the aim to give support in local communities. Each month we’ll either go for a mindful walk, have lunch / dinner, or meditate together. The idea is that you forge a new social group in a safe environment, led by someone who is already taking the Quantum Sobriety concept of FREEDOM in sobriety in their own lives.

Learn more about the QS Guides on their own page; they each have at least nine months of sobriety from the addiction that they joined QS for. Some have done the full five-day residential retreat, and all are active members of the online programme. In QS we believe that the opposite of addiction is connection, which is why those of us in the community who have found freedom have the desire to share our experience with others, and connect on different levels; online as well as face-to-face.

We are busy getting the March dates together for each QS Guide / area, and over the course of this week we will have every Guides page up and running. Each meeting has a recommended donation amount to cover the cost of group admin, the guides time, expertise, and room rental some months.

You can book your place already on Hazel’s Edinburgh mindful walk happening at 2pm on Saturday 17th March…

Guide Quote Of The Week.

What do the Guides have to say about their socials starting up next month…..

Meeting up in person on a regular basis is another way to grow our connections, and I’m really looking forward to taking this forward and facilitating meet ups in Scotland
Hazel Martin, Edinburgh QS Guide

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