The Science Of Meditation

Testing has been carried out over the last 15 years with MRI and fMRI scans, showing pictures and videos of the brain whilst practitioners are meditating inside the machine. These images have sent back information on exactly how the brain reacts during meditation by tracing paths of activity in the different areas of this complex organ.

The indisputable results time and time again are that the brain changes, activity is moving around, with the left prefrontal cortex becoming stimulated during meditation. And this is the area of the brain that with high levels of activity people report feeling happy, content, alert, enthusiastic and having a lot of energy.

The exact reverse is true for the right prefrontal cortex: subjects with a high level of activity here report to feelings of unease, stress, worry and sadness. If you are feeling depressed or suffering with depression then it is highly likely that the right prefrontal cortex will show a high level of activity with the left side quiet.

So you see how with regular meditation you can actually change the brain. To break this down even further this is happening via neural networks. Every thought that we have sends a message via nerve cells called neurons, along a chain. They ‘fire’ an electrical impulse to their next-door neighbour and a connection is made (synapse). If we have the same thought over and over again these connections form a long-term relationship, and voila! We have created a habit or memory.

It is a little like digging a trench; every time you repeat a thought you are digging a little deeper and these thoughts are quite literally becoming us, and then we wonder why it is difficult to change the pattern and a lot of us believe that this is who we have become and that we cannot ever change. This is absolutely not true! We can change our brain!

What is exciting is that this area of science is so new with more and more findings, understandings and studies being shared all of the time. Just 20 years ago it was believed that the neurons in our brains from birth were all we would have during the whole of our life. Meaning that any degeneration through illness or substance abuse was irreversible, and we were ‘set’ for life.

So what connections are you making? What have you hardwired? And are you even aware of doing this?

The really awesome news is that we can reverse this. Just as we create negative associations, we can also establish positive ones. And that is what the Quantum Sobriety method is all about!
The future is looking very very promising….


The Result Is The Path

Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve in your life? What do you believe is possible?

My first vision board was created ten years ago when I was single, in massive debt and basically struggling in all areas of my life. Fast forward a decade and the picture is very different; through changing my beliefs about what is possible, meditating daily and visioning for the future.

I was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism in 2005 whilst I was studying yoga in India. It came as a huge surprise to me when I felt a deep connection to this lineage as i’d been brought up with no religion and thought my life would always remain that way.
What I discovered was deity meditation, where you visualise yourself as the embodiment of the deity, and through doing that it becomes easier to create feelings of love and compassion not just during your meditation but all through the day as well.

Don’t worry you don’t have to become a Buddhist to gain your Quantum Superpower! But this particular practice has fed my own spiritual growth, and I really do feel has been the foundation of my personal happiness and given me absolute support.

In every religion there is a feeling or ambiance of a ‘higher power’, with ‘Buddha Nature’ being what we connect to in Buddhism. Some belief systems see it outside of themselves whilst others within, but it seems to me to all be a similar concept throughout mankind. We all have it, we are all able to connect to this ‘essence’, and all of us have the same unlimited potential to achieve our dreams.


Becoming The Observer

Quantum theory was the very last part of the puzzle for me but actually has been the catalyst for the coalescence of all of the knowledge I’ve been given.
And I feel it is really important to show that this superpower that I’m sharing is steeped in science rather than a fluffy world of ‘woo woo’!

In the quantum field anything is possible, something that I have always known but couldn’t prove until my journey down the quantum rabbit hole gave me all the answers I’ve ever been searching for.

Scientists have discovered that when no one is looking at it an electron disappears, in fact it is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, and it is only when we observe it that is shows up. There HAS to be an observer (you) for something to happen, therefore it is (your) consciousness that is the observer.

So if everything is possible all we have to do is choose the option that we want. Once we have selected this reality by observing, it manifests; it has to!
Quantum physics calls this the ‘collapse of the wave function’ or the ‘observer effect’. When I fully comprehended this information for the first time I held my head in my hands muttering for the next three days! It blew my mind!

That science can back up not only the vision board, visualisations, and the manifestation of the life you’ve always dreamed of, but also the fact that we have the ability to create a reality (by changing the brain in meditation) as if we’d never been addicted in the first place: welcome to the world of Quantum Sobriety….