Online Workshop

Online Workshop

Your Permission Slip

This innovative and revolutionary approach to finding freedom in sobriety is now brought to you in an online workshop. A day of breaking through the conditioning that is holding you in your addiction, and receiving permission to live the life of your dreams. During the workshop we will look at:

  • What are your beliefs around your addiction?
  • What do you believe you deserve in life?
  • Why do you continue to self-harm in this way?
  • Experience QS meditations that rewire your brain
  • How you can quantum jump to a different reality
  • Leave feeling like an enhanced you


New Date For The Online Workshop To Be Announced Soon…

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No more pretending that you’re ok in a marriage with no understanding or support, a job which suffocates and bores you, or an addiction that is ruining your life; the time has come to really listen to that constant niggling feeling of ‘is this it?
You will leave the workshop feeling clear about your future and motivated to be the best you can be.



“Thank you for providing a safe, comfortable, online environment with a professional, welcoming manner. I have learnt so much to expand my meditation practise, identified further coping strategies to deal with daily life, gained lots of information and am very grateful for the experience. Thank you. I would recommend this workshop to gain deeper understanding of healthy living, mental health and meditation strategies.”

“Anyone thinking of participating should, you will be transported into bliss.”

“Opened up something I knew was locked away and let me recognise the pain I still hold which keeps me in a self destruct cycle. Although an uncomfortable experience it has enlightened my pathway forward to make sustainable change”

“Comfortable, relaxed teaching methods; you are learning through discussion and sharing ie: experiential. Perfect hosts and wonderful atmosphere. Great guided meditations”

“This has been the most amazing day. I was apprehensive and considered not attending but I am so glad I did as this has given me the inner strength and confidence to know I can change my life for the better. Thank you Jo – you are an inspiration.”

“A day of self exploration, allowing time and space to contemplate you and your needs. To think about changes, for you as a person and to think about the path to follow.”

“Lovely, peaceful, at home, eyes open , questions answered, kind, understanding, treating and so happy to start my meditation process”
“A great way to have a recharge after being on the QS residential retreat a few months ago. To realise that I have come so far! Thank you Jo for all your fantastic support”



This approach will only work if you are ready to take responsibility for your life. It’s time to stop giving your power away to what you are addicted to, but don’t give it to us. We cannot do this for you, no one else can, this is your show; your life; and it’s time to empower yourself and believe that you deserve good health and happiness.

Some confuse responsibility with blame, and no one is to blame here. Once you draw a line in the sand we will show you how to create the life of your dreams, but there will be a period of understanding what led you to this point, healing the wounds and forgiving the circumstances first.

You can move on from this, your addiction does not need to define you any more, and it’s time to view your addiction as a challenge rather than a hopeless cause. Quantum Sobriety is a journey deep within yourself and once you can accept and love yourself there will be no reason to cover that up with a substance that numbs you from who you really are.

We are not a medical facility and if you are physically dependent to a substance we advise that you receive medical treatment for this before undertaking any of our programmes. Your physical dependency must be addressed first. Once your body is ready, then it is time to retrain your mind and create a new healthful reality.

We look forward to assisting you in your journey back to yourself…