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From the BINGE! stage I popped into preparation. I wanted to get the most possible from this year, so began to plan out just how I could do that. I had an NHS over 40s health check (anyone over 40 in the UK is eligible), and plan to do the same at the end of this one year raw ‘experiment’. I also took close up pictures of my eyes for an iridology session, had coaching with a mentor who is successfully living a mucusfree lifestyle, enjoyed a cranial sacral session, plus my usual sessions of quantum healing and biodynamic psychotherapy (from the QS/IG team).

As you can see I am not taking this decision lightly
In fact, I can now see that I have been waiting for this moment for the last 20 years, when I first walked into a detox centre called Spa Samui and began the journey of detox and towards fully raw.

This journey doesn’t just happen overnight
It takes time to ready yourself mentally as well as emotionally and physically
Gradually over the last two decades I’ve been  s l o w l y  refining my diet
Gently moving forwards
Steadily making decisions that will lead me to more energy
Increasingly looking deeper within myself
& progressively knowing who I really am

Please don’t think for a minute that I have plucked this choice out of thin air! This journey began so very long ago, and I remember back in the year 2000 when I walked into Spa Samui for the first time and saw everyone sitting around somewhere within their seven day fast, and thought:

“I could never do that”
“Why would I want to not eat for 7 days?”

“OMG that person ONLY eats raw food, they must be mad!”

It took me to 2004 until I did my first full weeks fast with daily colonic irrigation, and from that moment I was hooked, even bringing a colonic board back to the UK from Thailand in 2006 🤗

Between 2006 and 2012 my journey was focused on alcohol addiction
Then in 2013 when Dominic and I set up Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, my attention once more came back to food. In these last six years I’ve been slowly distilling my eating habits and looking closely at what society has taught me:

– Eat three meals per day
– Have cereal and toast for breakfast
– You must drink alcohol to have fun / commiserate / celebrate etc…
– Sugar is a treat
– Junk food is a treat
– Get your calcium from dairy

And the list goes on and on
My one year raw is an opportunity to strip back all of the conditioning and find out once and for all
And the thing is what is true to me
Will be different to what is true for you
And that is not only OK but beautiful
Celebrating our diversity
Honouring our uniqueness
Listening to our bodies
And finding an ever deepening connection to the divine 

Who am I?
What do I really need?
What do I even want?
Where am I going?

Big questions
And ones I will be diving into
Further within myself
Sitting in the discomfort that will surely come when others are eating my favourite foods around me; however I plan to bring an open willingness to this decision

So now with the blood test done
Iridology session booked
‘Before’ photos planned
And with support all around me, there is an air of excitement to get this started
To move into this new space
I am ready

What are YOU ready for?
Can you join me in a commitment
To not drink / eat junk / shout / whatever you’re ready to move on from
Let’s ALL upgrade
Share the energy of elevation 🤗
Support each other as we transcend our struggles
That is the power of community; the opposite of addiction being connection
And we’ve got that right here…

If you would like to jump in even deeper myself and Dominic will be holding our very first juice fast retreat in a few weeks as it seems all of our attention is drawing towards detox. What better time for a physical ‘spring detox’ than right now? So, if you’re feeling a little sluggish and would like a springboard into more energy and a renewed vigour for life, then we have a couple of spaces remaining and we’re still offering a £200 discount on this first juice fast retreat.


You’ll be drinking delicious freshly prepared juices, learning how to make some simple changes in your diet that will have a big impact on your health, enjoy group nutrition classes, an evening sound bath, daily classes of yoga and meditation, and the opportunity to have sessions with our amazing therapists therapists*
*at an extra cost

We are offering a staggering £200 discount on the May retreat!

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Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I’m waking up to my new life, no alcohol, no smoking, healthy eating and exercise. Waking up to who I really am. Being an authentic me. Following my intuition and embracing change and the unknown. Living life in the moment. Bring it on!!!! xx
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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