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Quantum Sobriety is not just a UK company; it has online members all over the globe with our next QS Guide coming from the USA. She’s been with us from the start and has a slightly different story in that she’d already had nearly a year of sobriety BEFORE joining us. Of course everyone has a unique and special story and the beauty of QS is that it works for ALL addiction, whether that is alcohol, food, drugs, sex, anger, work or gambling (etc.). It is a School Of Life, getting more and more subtle as we let go of the gross addiction that we joined for and delve even deeper into our potential; it never ends.

And then once the participant has ‘got it’ and found freedom they then want to pass on what they have learnt to newer intakes, which is of course what QS is now doing. It is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you the sixth of the QS Guides: Nikki


❝I called for help in my absolute drunkenness.  I called a rehab facility having been on my first and only 10,11,12, or 13 day binge of alcohol and Zanax.  I still don’t know how long it was. You know the blackout routine.

I remember pouring a beer into my coffee mug on the way to the hospital out of fear of falling completely apart while my 80 year old father guided me down the steps to the car.  Remembering this now, hurts.  But, I take a breath and know that the hurt needed to happen.  All of it.  For now I am liberated from all that ugly, all that deception.

As I began my sober self study before Quantum Sobriety it rattled me to no end as to how I became unable to control my drinking and drugging.  I wanted to point my finger at some event or situation that caused my inability to control it all.  Like many, I wanted an explanation. HOW did I get here?  WHY did I get here? I was newly sober going through rehab in and out patient. I was sad.  I was full of shame and guilt. I was blindsided by my own choices and self-destruction.

AA was imbedded in my rehab program as it is in most hospitals here in the United States.  I can vividly remember the very first time I asserted “I’m Nicole, and I’m an alcoholic.”  Ironically, I’ve never felt so “powerless.”  Sure, I saw the sad, sick, and self-destructive self, but I NEVER EVER felt that THAT was going to be how I defined myself for the rest of my life…an alcoholic.  Just in THAT alone, I knew AA was not a fit for me.  Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want to forget what alcohol created in me; I believe that is a powerful teacher.  But, with QS, practice, and my guiding angels, I have created “a life as if I’ve never been addicted.”

I found Jo’s lecture about her initial launch of the online QS program ONE WEEK before she launched it.  (Jo could probably search her records for the actual date I signed up.)  I googled “Alternatives to AA” and I was directed to the Soberista’s website.  When Jo was telling HER STORY, I felt as if it could be mine.  Snorting cocaine up my nose and gulping copious amounts of booze to wake up and do a yoga class in a foreign country.  Cleopatra meets Eat Pray Love style.  I saw her and saw myself.   I saw her and said, “That’s me.  I am that.  I will be that.  Where is her bus stop?” Without any hesitation, I signed up.

My interest in quantum physics probably began with the documentary “What the Bleep Do We Know” whenever it first came out.  After watching that, I read as much as I could about the Water Experiment and started paying attention to my intentions, my worries, my fears.

Fast forward to the QS launch… I thought, “Wow, this woman is taking sobriety and addiction and applying the laws of quantum physics with dedicated meditations/teachings while fostering a community of like-minded individuals???”
B R I L L I A N T.  The concept of rewiring your “plastic” brain made complete sense to me.  Jo’s concept was in complete alignment with my desired path.  We are powerful.  We can control what we put in our bodies.

I had already experienced this technology with the practice of kundalini yoga in my 20s when I experienced intense panic attacks of uncontrollable vomiting when confronted with stress or excitement. With the kundalini practice, I was able to change my nervous system’s reaction to stress and excitement.

I understood and BELIEVED in our ability to change our reality.

Experiencing this positive change, I was reminded of the Water Experiment that resonated so deeply with me and gave me proof that our intentions can and do create reality.  As I found myself in another vulnerable place in life trying to stay sober, all of this came back to me when I found QS.

QS gave me a community at the time of my critical sober ‘birthing year’.  QS gave me guided meditations to nurture my recovery. The meditations helped me forgive, let go, call upon the universe for assistance, see that “I am enough”, look at my relationship with food and caffeine, and has provided me with many profound realization visualizations. I don’t always get on my cushion. But, my intention is there.

Now, I hold my head high.  Now, I have tough conversations instead of avoiding them. Now, I more gently accept that not everyone is going to understand me.  Now, I have people in my life who live from their hearts.  Now, I maneuver through conflict and stress with more grace.  Now, I have mindful moments daily.  Now, I have more compassion for myself and others.  All of what I have NOW is my answer.  The answer to HOW and WHY I found sobriety and Quantum Sobriety.

After experiencing what Jo calls the birthing and first year of sobriety, Jo asked me to be a guide. Without hesitation again and with the roles of the guides unfolding before us, I am honored, happy, and proud to represent the NEXT MOVEMENT OF TRUE SOBRIETY, BEAUTY, AND FREEDOM. I believe in Jo and QS so much so that even from waaaay across the Big Blue sea, it’s a part of my new life. Though I may not be as active on the forum or I may comment on a post at 2 am UK time, know that it’s just a flicker of light from Los Angeles reaching across the Quantum. I hope to see QS explode all over the world and look forward to QS coming to a city near me soon. This is a program for the consciousness of today.❞

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