Please Don’t Feel Sorry For Me…


There is so much content in this community with a blog everyday for a number of years now. I thought it was time to revisit some of our favourite quotes, short blogs, and images that you may have forgotten about.

We have had a powerful Full Moon this morning and will still be assimilating its energy now. What in your life has had a light shone on it in the last few days? What has been brought to light? Journal and meditate around the answer, as you embody this new energy into today….


I’d like to share something very special with you today. It is a post that appeared yesterday in the Quantum Sobriety online course forum, and a humungous great big shift by one member…..

”Thanks for your suggestions a few weeks ago about how to enjoy being sober at my own wedding.
Just wanted to say that I’m back after my wedding and honeymoon and I’m extremely grateful that I did not cave to the (enormous) expectation from others, and society, that I would drink during this time. Every day in our wedding hotel there was a fresh bottle of champagne, when I went to get my hair done they had strawberries and fizz, I was handed a glass after the ceremony (despite them knowing I don’t drink and me supplying my own non alc options), good friends had arranged ‘surprise’ champagne (despite me not having drunk for 16 months – they, like most people it seems thought I’d drink on my wedding day) and on it went. Our culture struggles to imagine people celebrating without alcohol and when I said I didn’t drink people said ‘not even today?’. Again on honeymoon there were bottles of fizz in rooms, one hotel’s ‘mini bar’ was a row of full sized spirit bottles and I felt very much an oddity being teetotal!
I just wanted to say how grateful I am to this group which has given me the accountability and strength, knowing this community is out there, to not only do these things completely sober but also to enjoy them! Thank you xx”

Firstly congratulations to this member for wading through each and every temptation that was laid at her path, and secondly can you believe what us Quantum Explorers are up against; what deviants society believes us to be to want to be ourselves.

WHY oh WHY is it so scary for drinkers to watch us find freedom?

For all we are doing is coming home.
Home to our natural state.
How we were born.
That is all.
And it’s not scary, it’s actually exhilarating and I look forward to the day that we are accepted by society as our amazing true selves. And perhaps it is only our brilliance that drinkers are threatened by, for our natural radiance is blinding.

There is no need to cover yourself up.
Numb out from life.
Switch off from the energy of the earth.
And if you choose to fill your body with a poison, I cannot stop you, but please do not try to persuade me to do the same to mine.

ESPECIALLY on special days like weddings and birthdays, when I want to enjoy each gorgeous moment; remember every gesture; recall without exception all the words spoken. These exceptional events are ruined not enhanced by drink, so please don’t find my behaviour strange.

I believe myself to be the lucky one;
Waking up sober,
Remembering every detail,
For I don’t ever have to bring a drink to my lips again.
And that makes me feel like I’ve won the jackpot.

So there is no need to feel sorry for me,
Don’t worry I’m not missing out,
It is you that I worry about,
For my abstinence seems to have put you in the spotlight.

*originally published in September 2016

Member Quote.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:
All is good. Rock solid in sobriety from alcohol and smoking. Resisting sugar urges more and more often.
Meditating and consciously trying to stay in a State of Love.
Having real conversations with people, it feels more meaningful. I feel a shift. I have a clearer vision for my future and I’m really excited about it……I’m still being told I look great and I am obviously putting out a different/higher vibe than I used to. It’s so much easier now, 5 months on, to be observant of my thoughts and replace the negative ones as soon as I notice them with happier thoughts. It’s easier to be kind and patient with myself. I still get urges and triggers and annoyed.. but I can cope with it. Mediation, this group, your comments, love and support, and recalling your stories and suggestions, is what has made this possible. Thank you and much love to everyone. xx” 

Residential Retreat & Online Member

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