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We are growing as a community and along with that there is more and more support available from my team and members of the community, who are finding the substance they originally joined up for to now be a ‘non-issue’. What they discover is what is UNDERNEATH the urge to reach for that substance, and embark on a whole new journey of discovery within themselves.
Our next Quantum Guide to introduce you to is slightly different as she is someone who joined QS having already stopped drinking but wanted to take their sobriety, and life, to the next level.
It is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you the second of the QS Guides:


❝Having realised that I didn’t have much of an off button when it came to alcohol, and completely fed up of wasting so much time recovering from the after-effects, I realised that the best option for me was to stop drinking altogether. By the end of January 2016 I had been alcohol-free for 8 months, but at a personal level I certainly didn’t feel free.

Stopping drinking had thrown up all sorts of unexpected emotions and questions, along with the realisation that I had been using alcohol as a crutch in many ways.  The self-confidence I thought I’d had, had evaporated and I knew I needed some tools to work through all of this.  Although my life was so much better after ditching alcohol, I still felt like I was missing out, and I knew if this carried on I’d never stick with it.

Just 2 days after QS launched, I happened to come across it via Jo’s Webinar on Soberistas and signed up to the online programme. Meditation in general, and the tailored QS meditations have given me invaluable tools to change the way that I feel and think. Alcohol had for so many years been my main tool to change my state, but in meditation I found something far deeper and far more effective.

In the period since I’ve been part of QS I have had my wedding, honeymoon, 25 year college reunion, along with some stressfuI situations to deal with. QS has been invaluable in maintaining my sobriety throughout all of these potentially challenging situations through the accountability and new mindset that it brings, along with the support from Jo and the amazing wider QS community.  I am delighted to be a QS Guide and to now be able to start paying it forward.❞


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