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The QS Book.

Every Thursday I share with you a quote from the Quantum Sobriety book.
I hope you enjoy!
“Up until now we have been a product of our environment, and we didn’t know any different, but it is time to create the reality that we choose rather than the one we have been given thus far.”

Member Quote.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Today (last Sunday) is an exciting day. Not only is it Jo De Rosa’s birthday, it’s also the long-awaited QS book launch. Having had the privilege to read an early draft, I can honestly say it’s a really good reference book for wherever you are in the programme. I’m nearly two years in and it’s still super relevant. For someone not yet in the programme, it’s a phenomenal place to start. It’s packed full of practical, down to earth Jo wisdom, plus loads of excercises and meditations. When I read it, I kept thinking to myself ‘I must remember this’, ‘I must write this down’. When I have a copy in my hand, I’ll highlight all the important bits (it will be a colourful book!). I might need several so I can give them away! In this group, we know how special QS is and this book will help other people find it too. I can’t wait for the launch this evening.HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO, and thank you for being an amazing teacher, for my sobriety and for helping me to find my life!” 

Residential Retreat and Online Member


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