Old Jo 👱‍♀️ Meets New Jo 👩



Wow what a night!
On a whim I booked tickets to The Chemical Brothers concert a few months ago for me and someone I’ve never met. It was an instinctive move, and one I didn’t question for I now live my whole life like that; from the heart; from alignment to my Inner Guidance.

I’ve not really been ‘out out’ for years
After decades of drugs and partying, the scene became boring
And to be honest when I stopped drinking and drugging there was even less reason to go clubbing. I guess in the beginning it was a dangerous place to go for an ex-addict, and my sobriety in the early days was protected like a new-born child.

Saturday night changed that though
I went clubbing with someone that I met via the cacao scene, but had never met in person
Someone who gets the new Jo
Someone who also doesn’t need a substance to enjoy themselves

It was perfect

I was out of my comfort zone
Yet deeply within my heart

And as I walked up to Alexandra Palace and saw the visual
Projected on the facade
I knew I was in the right place
(to be fair though, these days this is my natural state)

The crowd was of all ages
At 46 I was not the youngest or oldest
And there was a buzz of excitement as we all made our way into the main hall

This is my music
It speaks to me
And as I felt myself let go and give my ‘self’ up
I realised that old Jowas standing next to me
I began to see the night from her perspective, and through her eyes of the late 80s – 2012 she needed a substance to enjoy herself. There was no way she was going through the night without some sort of stimulant, and there was an air of desperation about her.

Todays viewpoint is so different
There is nobody to impress
No place to get to
Only pure and simple acceptance and gratitude for what is

I know who I am
I need nothing from anyone
I am happy with everything in my life;
Because I’ve been through the process of filtering out what doesn’t work
And bringing in more of what does

I danced, jumped and screamed my little socks off
My phone tells me I danced more than six miles!
And all the while old Jowas by my side
Watching how comfortable new Jo is in her skin
Realising that happiness, contentment, love and acceptance all come from

How apt that the concert was called FREE YOUR SELF
For that is exactly what happened to old Jo
I freed her on Saturday night
There will never be that struggle again
For now I truly step into my power
My inner fun
No drugs or alcohol needed

And a clear head the next morning too!
The bonus of sobriety
Not only do we get to enjoy the evening as our true selves
But we get the following day too
And everything is to gain…


This Sunday 14th October is my sixth soberversary and to celebrate, from tomorrow, I will be posting my soberversary blogs through the years:

Tomorrow = 1 year sober
Wednesday = 2 years sober
Thursday = 3 years sober
Friday = 4 years sober
Saturday = last years blog
Sunday = my reflection from where I am at right now

I hope you enjoy them
And notice how I have been shifting over these past few years
The journey NEVER ends….

And watch the video of my favourite track that I took on Saturday night here


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I’ve recently been feeling overwhelmed, anxious and have had an underlying feeling of sadness. I woke this morning to recall a similar bright, sunny, Sunday morning two years ago when I received the call telling me ***. This morning, I drank cacao, meditated, had a bit of a cry but now have a sense of calm and acceptance. As always, a very timely post from Jo. Sending love and thanks 💕🙏🙏 xxx” 
Residential Retreat and Online Member



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