Oh My God We Are HUGE ⚛️


It suddenly occurred to me that if matter is only 0.000001% and energy is 99.99999% then oh my god we are HUGE. What we see as our human body is only 0.00001% of who we are, meaning there is so much MORE of ourselves that we cannot see.

I am sitting with this realisation as it drops down further into my psyche. Again it is not new information, but the old information has moved somewhere else within me;
I see it differently now
I understand it on a deeper level
And I’m going to take it into my day and see how it affects my day to day living
An expanded consciousness

And can you see how ONE PERSON affects the many?
How our energy is reaching out and tickling the person next to us’s
As I write this I am sitting on the train into London and consciously sending love out to the lady in the red jacked with the bright coloured necklace, the dark haired lady watching a movie on her tablet, the man opposite me with wild hair, and the man next to me with a cough. And even though they don’t CONSCIOUSLY know it, I know that something is happening because my heart is as huge as the universe.

And the quantum is forever listening to my command
Waiting for direction
In its intelligence it delivers my message
Of love
Of healing
Of connection

For we are all one
Because we are so huge
Each one of us filling up this world
Our energies entwined so that there is no separation

I recognise the lady in the red jacket
I recognise the dark haired lady
I recognise the man with the wild hair
I recognise the man with the cough
For I am them
I see them
I feel them
I love them

The feeling of expansion is liberating
No longer are we to be kept small
Bound by the restraints of the physical body
Oh no
We are set free by this expansion
This realisation that we are so huge
And that we are all one….

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

“Having major shifts now, becoming lighter the more time I spend in meditation. The quantum downloads that Jo and many of you have posted about are finally happening to me!! Have not had wine in 22 days, I drank the day before we evacuated for the hurricane to help ease my anxiety. I really shouldn’t have as alcohol and now I’ve discovered sugar in general cause me to get very emotional, I get a rush for a very short period of time and then crash. I can’t do the roller coaster anymore. I’m observing my emotions, actually feeling them instead of reacting to them has made me realize that It’s time to give it up. Focused on removing sugar from my diet 100%. I have also been drinking 3 L of water daily and juicing. Committed to drinking 2 green juices a day, made at home 

M, Online Programme


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