Follow Up Mini-Retreats

To sustain sobriety anyone that has been through the full five day residential retreat can come back for a two-day two-night mini-retreat to stay on track and to ‘top themselves up’. Sometimes the pressures of being at home, back to work, and into your ‘reality’ can suck you back towards the lure of your addiction. So for this reason we offer continued support after the full program has been completed.

2016 Dates:
Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th January
Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th April
Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th July
Monday 3rd – Wednesday 5th October

£597 inclusive of accommodation, food, a one-to-one therapy (we will try to organise the treatment of your choice but this is dependant on therapists availability), and all group classes.

Diamond Package

For those who are drawn to all aspects of the Quantum Sobriety program, you can get the whole package. This one-year Diamond Package gives you personalised support throughout the whole of your first year of sobriety, for those that would like a little extra attention.
Access to:

Cost: £3,987*
*you get a full 12 month online membership free
Payment plans for the Diamond Package available on request

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