I Am Not Human 👽


What a journey to complete surrender it has been
From stuck and addicted as you’ve read about in my old journals this week
To beginning my vision board process but why doesn’t it work?
To fully committing to a daily, consistent meditation practice and seeing my life change so much externally because I was putting the time in INTERNALLY
To wondering if I was there yet
To letting go of trying to control any situation and being witness to magic in my life
To realising in a recent meditation that

I’ve talked a lot before, and yesterday, about the formless self
In Buddhism it is referred to as ‘relative’ and ‘ultimate’ realities; in relative terms yes we have human bodies, but ultimately we are so much more than this and it is this expanded version of self that I have been connecting to in my own practice (and sharing in my classes) recently. Being so willing to let go of form / self / body / expectations etc… that I can tap into something far greater than this mere body.

To realise that ultimately I AM NOT HUMAN 👽
I am part of the collective consciousness

What happened in last Sundays meditation was that I popped out of the snow globe (yesterdays blog) and saw life differently; with a certain distance or separation, and in all fairness I’ve been feeling this for a while now; not getting so caught up in the drama and being able to sustain the feeling of total peace. And I will be sharing a short meditation / technique with the online members this week as to how to do this themselves.

For meditation is the training ground
Where we prepare for life
Each morning like clockwork we sit on our cushion and get ready for the day
Without it is like going to work with no clothes on
Well, you wouldn’t would you
….that is how integrated my practice is
Vital for my sanity
Crucial to remain separate from the drama
And nor do I want to be; I’ll be spending the rest of this ‘life’ solidifying the fact that I am so much more than that

And do you know what I did during the meditation when the words
I AM NOT HUMAN 👽 came through?
I laughed
I smiled
I cried
I came HOME
And it’s taken a week for me to be able to express it in words on the page, and I can’t wait to share this expansiveness more in my writing, teaching and sharing.

Are you human?
Are you so connected to the human form that you cannot see anything else?
Do you want to take a peek further outside?
Would you like me to show you how?

It is to experience total peace
To find the place where there is no form
And us addicts are the lucky ones; forced on this path of inner understanding; destined to make sense of this life, so that we can transcend it

So no more tears
No more sadness
Don’t feel like a victim anymore
For it is time to realise that it was meant to be this shit, SO THAT you could find liberation; without the shit you wouldn’t be able to
YOU are ultimately not human
And the quicker you realise it, the faster the transformation to freedom….

*this blog was originally published in July 2017

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Love this thank you Jo De Rosa – been slipping in and out of being the observer more and more since joining QS and meditating – so empowering. Love the snow globe visual to galvanise this theme – I’m dusting off my snow globe collection and will be shaking it up every day! big love xx
Online Member

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