No Destination 🍷🍟🚬

Daily Motivation 308


Here we are again, another Friday, and what are you going to put in place TODAY to make this weekend a wonderful one?

No Destination
I’d like to take you the other way to where I usually do and rather than visualising how you want to feel on Sunday night when you go to bed and manifest that, how are you feeling right now?

It’s morning hopefully when you read this and I’d like you to close your eyes momentarily and focus in on your breathing.
Focus on how amazing your body is
All of the tiny jobs that are happening right now to keep you alive
Your brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, skin etc…
The miracle that life is
The utter perfection of this moment

Breath into the exquisiteness of being human
Into this ripe moment
And enjoy it…..

Then once you have found the vibration of peace
All you have to do is maintain it; there really is NO DESTINATION
You have it all already

Just One Thought
Can make all the difference
Has the ability to pull you off the precipice and into confusion
And only YOU can take yourself away from who you truly are
For you weren’t born addicted
You weren’t born lacking in any way
You weren’t born angry at the world
You learnt all of that

So really all you have to do is return home
Again and again
There is NO other DESTINATION
And if you stay here you are safe

And today watch your mind try to trick you to other shores
Tempt you into more ‘fun’
Lure you into numbness
Entice you from your pain
Trick you into ‘connection’ with others

Are we not all searching for peace?
That which is already within
Is it not the holy grail?
Why are we making this so difficult; chasing externally what is already inherent in us?
So sit now and close your eyes
Notice the beat of your heart
Sense the blood coursing through your veins
Realise that you are already in heaven
You are a being of peace
And then…

Stay there
That is ALL you have to do
Don’tΒ stray
Don’t let your mind mislead you
You’re safe here
You’re home

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝No night eating the past few nights and that took no effort either. Its like a switch has flipped after nearly 30 years of fairly disordered eating. The relief! Just meditated and going to do a little Yoga.❞ 

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