“This New Life Is Ten Million Times Better Than My Old Life!”

Daily Motivation 291


I simply had to share this with you
When I read it I instantly cried
And there is so much to say
And I’ll respond to this beautiful post that came into the private forum yesterday below it, but for now hear ‘L”s’ story of five and half months of sobriety after attending our residential retreat in January….


My sobriety means the world to me.

 *** posted yesterday which brought a lot of old stuff to the surface.
When I was as young as 16 I remembered going to the doctors on my own asking for help with my alcohol and drug problems.
I was a huge wild child and and had already travelled a lot on my own at this point. Seen things in the world that I really shouldn’t have done till a lot later in life or even at all. 

I partied Friday till Monday morning every single weekend with copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. I was one crazy gal!
At 16 I knew I had a problem!
I enjoyed my party lifestyle then!
I enjoyed the crazy sex!
I enjoyed the freedom of not giving a shit!
Wow how life changes. 

Yesterday I was the happiest I’d been in my sobriety for 5.5 months. I’d conquered wanting a glass of wine last Friday night. This meant everything to me!

So yesterday I’d planned a beautiful meal with family. My mum has dementia so I went over early and took makeup perfumes etc and we got ready together like the old days when I had my mums mind still. Yesterday I had my mum back for the time we got ready singing Doris day in our hairbrushes!
I drove my parents to the pub so my dad could have as many beers as he wanted for Father’s Day!

This special moment would not have occurred when I was drinking as I would have put myself first. Someone for sure would have been driving me!!!!

Got back and played in the park with my little boy and spent time with our other children.

I smiled all day long!

The thing is, I’ve always wanted this. I’ve always wanted sobriety. I’ve always wanted my kind and loving side to shine. 

I AM SOBER and I’m simply so excited and happy and grateful and just over the moon that I’m living my dream!

This new life is ten million times better than my old life!

Thank you Jo De Rosa for opening my eyes.
You must just sit there sometimes and feel so proud of what you’re doing and creating because I know for sure I’m so proud of you for helping me and so many others.
You’re my world and my angel. 


‘L’ has set herself free
She has become the person she always wanted to be, and knew deep down she could be. Her post took me straight back to my own early days of sobriety, when it also dawned on me that I had gifted myself EVERYTHING I had always dreamt of.
It also took me to the day early on in my relationship with Dom when I realised that with this man I was about to have the kind of union that I had never experienced but instinctively recognised as what I had always been searching for.

I am proud beyond belief of ‘L’ and others like her
She has had countless triggers in the last five and a half months but has persevered in believing in herself and sobriety, and just a week before she sat in a pub with a glass of wine in front of her and gave herself permission to drink it. But she KNEW that if she did it was over, she’d have the bottle, and be consumed with regret. So she sat there (she shared this with the community) and TRANSCENDED the trigger, and thus set herself free. For she had taken herself to the brink, to her edge, and asked herself the ultimate question that we must all answer,

“Do I want to go back, or forwards?”

This is freedom
When you realise that you are not missing out
That alcohol / drugs / food binges only take away
That you are giving yourself not only what you want but what you have always dreamt of

Then comes the lightness
Knowing that there will never be another hangover
No more regrets, remorse, guilt or anxiety
You are free

This blog is long enough already so I’ll talk more about what ‘L’ has said above tomorrow. And I’d like to dedicate these words and my practice today to all in the QS community; for their bravery, strength and commitment to finding their own personal truth….


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