My Top Tip To Find Bliss ✨💫 (How I Did It)

Daily Motivation 282


Making the decision once and for all
Sticking to it no matter what
Sometimes feeling the flames lick the edges of your being
Something eases
No, here comes a gigantic trigger
Lessons learned
Who am I?
Pull the plaster off
I don’t want to look at whats under there!
It hurts
I cry
Who am I?

Begin to heal
Mend the past
Questions starting to find answers
I find I like who I am
Who would have ever guessed?

Enter bliss
I always knew you existed
But why so elusive?
For only the brave will find you
Spiritual warriors ready to face it all
The weak will hide, pretend, lie and deny who they really are
Not ready for their own brilliance
YOU my friend are ready….

What if I told you that all you’ve ever dreamed of about sobriety / life was real. Would you believe me if I said that the drama can stop, you can get off, and true stillness can be found? I have now stepped into that reality and it is with me every second of every minute in every day. I take this stillness into problems that may arise at home, at work, with friends; NOTHING FAZES me any longer, for all resistance has dropped.

There is no longer any need to numb out because what I experience is my new state; peace and bliss.
Why would I want to numb out from bliss?
No one does.
Bliss doesn’t need enhancing
Bliss doesn’t need anaesthetising
Bliss is constant
Bliss is within me and around me
I am bliss


I will give you one huge tip. It is a method / meditation that I have been doing myself and teaching for the last 15 years or more. Once you understand the concept within meditation you can take this technique into life and the stresses that it brings. If you’ve been working with me / following me for a while you will have heard me talking about it before, or have even done it:

The Ocean Meditation

What has happened over the years and now decades is a deepening of this feeling of space that I teach within this meditation; the space between you at the bottom of the ocean and the surface; the space between you as consciousness and your thoughts as things that pass through the mind (rather than being your reality). What this translates to in life is an ability to let go of being right in the middle of the drama, and realise that you can actually let it pass; the next step from that being relaxing into bliss.

My job in life is to keep letting go more and more
How far back can I go?
How much can I stop being identified with?
And then
Because I have opened up the space
Can come with me
I give you permission
To also
Experience bliss

*You can receive a free recording of the ‘Ocean Meditation’ that I recorded around four years ago on the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre website (you receive it when joining the mailing list). There is also a free recording of a succeeding meditation recorded in 2016 on the Quantum Sobriety website homepage called ‘The Eye Of The Storm’, that you will receive when joining the Daily Motivation blog list.

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In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Although I joined QS a year ago, it’s not been a year since my last drink. Like so many, I had an up and down start to my journey to quit the booze. I’m not even sure I’ll post on the anniversary of my last drink, it’s not really a date that matters to me so much now. However, I am celebrating a year of QS coming into my life. QS now that really is worth celebrating!❞

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