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Daily Motivation 211

Today I celebrate three years of no sugar
And let me tell you there is now no going back

The conditioning runs so deep in our society
This drug called sugar that lights up the brain in exactly the same way as class A drugs; that which we give to children as a ‘treat’ and is found in all supermarkets, shops, and in every house in the land. We class this poison as a ‘treat’ yet it causes dis-ease, how does that even work? But we are so brainwashed by the manufacturers of sweet treats that most cannot see beyond the clever marketing campaigns. This week on the news (I don’t watch much but just happened to see this) there was a report on sugary treats having a new law on them over the next few years to make the portion smaller OR change the ingredients; times ARE changing folks, and we are at the front of the pack here, already armed with the knowledge and motivation to kick sugars ass to the ground. Here is how I did it….

It started out back in 2014 as a no sugar MONTH of April
And by the end of that April I felt so frigging amazing that I knew my intention had shifted to permanent, I mean WHY would I want to put it back into my body?

So I then committed to SIX MONTHS of totally sugar free
And by sugar free I mean all sugar
Even fruit (other than berries)

I wanted to see what would happen
How it would make me feel
Taking life to the next level
I felt like a human experiment!

Within six weeks some astounding changes had taken place:

  1. My psoriasis disappeared, and has NEVER come back in the last three years
  2. A nasty, angry cyst that I had on my chest disappeared, and has NEVER come back in the last three years
  3. I began to sleep deeper and longer
  4. I lost two inches from my waist; my body literally changed shape
  5. My energy went through the roof

Now to me those five changes made a phenomenal difference to my day to day living. And just like alcohol and drugs before, I had stepped up my game and was living in an enhanced way; I was still the same person but felt almost bionic in the heightened experience I was now having.


Of course I wouldn’t
And I didn’t

I broke through the trap, the lie, the clever marketing, the conditioning that sweet treats are ok in moderation. Just like I said yesterday, you wouldn’t think it was ok to have ONE hit of heroin or ONE small glass of bleach, so WHY is it still deemed a treat to eat something that attacks the immune system of your body?

I’ve always said that I believe addicts are strong
To withstand the high levels of toxins we pour into our bodies we have to be
And it is this strength that we have to draw on to break through this thick layer of societal beliefs that we should ‘treat’ ourselves now and again.
You give dogs ‘treats’
Do we really need to be ‘treated’ too?
Is life not ‘treat’ enough?

I am strong enough
And I believe you are also

My life is so much better now that sugar is not in it
Bye bye old friend (who lied to me)
I don’t miss you (did you think I would?)
Life is so much sweeter without you

And I don’t go without sweet treats either!
After my six month full detox from it I began to introduce in small quantities of xylitol (which can be purchased from supermarkets and is a natural sugar substitute from the birchwood tree), coconut sugar, apples and ‘treated’ myself with the occasional pineapple or mango (tropical fruits are much higher in sugar than apples and berries that are indigenous to the UK; eat indigenous to where you live and you can’t go much wrong).

When Dom and I go into a restaurant and the rest of the group order puddings, sometimes I notice a look of,
“Poor Jo and Dom can’t order this, they must feel that they miss out”
And it literally couldn’t be further from the truth! 

We think,
“Poor friends/family are ruining a good meal with that toxic rubbish”

It’s all about your perception
We go home and eat some healthy cake thats been pre-prepared (we pretty much ALWAYS have cake in the fridge!)

Would you rather eat this healthy cake or that unhealthy cake?
They both taste the same
But the choice is yours

Going sugar free doesn’t mean you are missing out
Going sugar free doesn’t have to be difficult
Going sugar free can be effortless with a little planning and preparation
So why don’t you make this April a sugar free month and see where it goes….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I am happy to be free. As of this 1st of April which is my Soberversary sugar is kicked to the kerb- have barely touched refined sugar the last few weeks but am going to have a good cleanse- not even dried fruit or anything for a year. As I want to be free of this too for good, and have a heathy body as I get older…. Thankyou xxxx

V, Online Programme



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