My Double Life 👩👩


“For too long I tried to be someone that I wasn’t; to be popular, liked, prettier, thinner, happier, healthier, fitter. I straddled two worlds for many years as a yoga teacher by day and party animal by night, with my double life nearly driving me crazy for fear of being caught out. I tried to be everything to everyone, a different mask for different sets of friends. Each expecting something from me so I ran around in circles trying to please everyone.”


Book Review.

“It’s totally unique Jo as in compared to other addiction topic books, giving me a different perspective on my addiction and tools to enable me to change it , going to start my vision board this week end . Also it is EASY to read 👍

Have you read the QS book?
If you have we would be extremely grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon, even if you didn’t buy it through Amazon.
The reason I have shared so much in the book is for this information of how to reach FREEDOM can be easily accessed to a wider audience.

Writing a book review is a personal account from a third party, which is so powerful for those ‘thinking’ about but not yet quite ready to take the leap. THANK YOU so much in advance! 

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