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If you are a member of the press or have a contact in the media that you think would be interested in attending the QS tour, writing a piece on the tour, or interviewing Jo about the tour/QS please contact us here to request a press pack.


Team Quote Of The Week.


I’m so excited for this tour and for Jo to get out and about and get this approach to freedom out there. Thanks to this programme, I gave up a 35-year drink problem and changed my life completely to one of happiness, freedom and positivity. Hand on heart, I got my life back and for this I will be eternally grateful. Gratitude is an important gift and never has it carried more weight than it does for me now, 18 months on, in giving it to Jo for QS. x

Sophie, QS Guide, Residential Retreat & Online Member

Sophie will be joining Jo on the tour in London on the 15th, and Oxford for the 25th and 26th January meetings. Hear hers, the other guides, and Jo’s stories along with a meditation and breakdown of what QS is. You’ll leave with techniques you can use daily to support your own recovery journey.

The QS Tour Countdown

6 Days 
The QS Tour begins Monday in London

Jo is livestreaming everyday this week on the Quantum Sobriety Facebook page, talking about different aspects of addiction and different substances/behaviours. Catch up on yesterdays video, and click here for the links to dates/venues/times and tickets, or see the links below ⬇️

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All the information here:

QS UK and Ireland Tour.

15th – 27th January 2018

Learn how YOU can quantum jump into the reality where you were NEVER addicted, and walk out of the workshop as that person.
It’s time to take your power back

This is a DONATION-BASED event as we are so excited to get this information to the public at large, with the option to pay as little as £1.85 (inclusive of Eventbrite taxes and VAT) or to donate as much money for your ticket as you want, which will go towards the cost of the tour.  

Each separate event has it’s own page on Eventbrite, so click on the town nearest you to take you to that page and all of the information. 

Dates and Venues

Monday 15th January – 6.30pm – London SW1  – Get your ticket here
Tuesday 16th January – 6.30pm – Edinburgh – Get your ticket here
Thursday 18th January – 6.30pm – Galway, Ireland – Get your ticket here
Saturday 20th January – 1pm – Sheffield – Get your ticket here
Tuesday 23rd January – 6.30pm – Margate – Get your ticket here
Thursday 25th January – 6pm – Oxford – Get your ticket here
Friday 26th January – 11am – Oxford – Get your ticket here
Saturday 27th January – 2pm – Hertford – Get your ticket here


For information on venues and dates you can also visit:

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