Messing Around With Time ⏳


When the clocks change I always enter total fascination mode
For here right before our eyes the whole world messes with time
And we accept it
Without question

It’s 2am
But really 1am
And on my phone there was actually TWO 2am’s!

Who makes this up
Why do we believe them
And because we DO buy into the concept
Can we bring this invisible magic into other areas of our lives?

We can bend and collapse time
We do it every single time we jump on a plane and travel to another time zone
We do it every single time we sit down to meditate and S L O W everything down;
Think about a time when your meditation has been a struggle and how
S L O W  the time went, and then a time when you’re having fun (on holiday perhaps) and time is running away with you

Time is a perception
It is not real
And it is up to YOU TO DECIDE whether it will go quickly or slowly
(we are doing this all of the time anyway; mostly unconsciously)

I can guarantee you that life will slow down the more meditation you do
It is relative;
As much as you up it, the slower everything will roll
Don’t have time for your practice today? Well then expect your day to go at lightening speed
Your choice

For years I was ‘too busy’ to do a longer practice and wondered why I couldn’t get everything done. Then I switched my thinking around, got my bum onto the cushion for longer and my whole perspective changed. Yes I had less time in the office BUT that time was now calmer and more productive, rather than pulling my hair out and stressing. One of life’s brilliant paradoxes 😃

Last weekend I was in Spain so not only did I gain an hour with the clocks going back, but I was also one hour ahead of ‘normal’ anyway. So on return home a couple of days ago I was actually one hour behind from when I left the week before, and jumped back an additional hour also! When you think about it, it’s a mind f*6k!

Time is a manmade concept to try to understand something that is totally kooky
Can we let go of it
And find our own inner rhythm
For the more we listen to the ‘clock’ within
The easier EVERYTHING gets

Then we have our own inner compass
The heart leading the way
And you literally never have to make another decision in your life

It’s true you know
I and many others live like this
And it’s amazing to now be totally stress free

Can you mess around with what you’ve been told by society
Can you let it all go and find your own truth
What works for you
Even if it goes against ‘the norm’

For if we can believe that there were two 2am’s last weekend, why on earth do we not believe and trust the voice of our own heart and the magnificent dreams it contains…


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

So true Jo – in my humble opinion EVERYTHING is mind. As you so rightly say there can never ever be any lasting change until and unless we change our perspective/consciousness around our particular addiction.
Whatever we tell ourselves is true – whether it’s too hard to give up drinking (my mantra) or it’s possible, people have happily done this who were even more entrenched than me – each scenario is true. Positive self talk should be our number one priority.
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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