Meditation – Not All In The Mind❗


by QS Guide Hazel


Throughout history it has been known that meditation has immense benefits. However it has only been with the availability of ever more sophisticated brain-imaging techniques in recent times, that neuroscientists have been able to see that it actually changes the physical structure of our brains.

Meditation increases both the physical size and connections in these parts of the brain responsible for self-awareness and concentration, as well as those linked to compassion, rationality and kindness. At the same time the parts of the brain linked to fear, anxiety, hostility and emotional reactivity are damped down.

As well as the obvious psychological benefits of stress reduction, recent studies into how cells in our bodies age show that it can actually slow down this process. Meditation has also been shown to have benefits to the cardiovascular system – lowering blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate – and to the immune system. And just a total of eight hours of meditation has been shown to make a difference to important gene functions which are associated with faster recovery from stressful situations.

Meditation is an invaluable tool in finding freedom from addiction. It floods our bodies with endorphins, giving us a natural high. It trains us to take a step back and surf those urges more effectively when they appear, allowing us to observe them and see them for what they are, rather than being controlled by them. Importantly, meditation gives us the tools to deal with inevitable life stresses with equanimity, and gives us alternative coping strategies when times get tough.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get our arses on these cushions!  


Member Quote Of The Day.

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I’ve always loved your lanes blog Jo, because whatever I am working on and wherever I am, every time I drive on a dual carriageway or motorway I’m reminded of where I’m at with what I’m doing and if I’m dancing between lanes I commit pretty pronto to one or the other.

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