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It began of course long before the actual retreat; energy rearranging itself to match the new frequency I had stepped up to. And that is exactly what a retreat requires; a new commitment, a shift, and you know that everything is about to change.

I had a session with Carol, our Quantum Healer here at QS/IG, the week before the retreat began. For some reason I ‘knew’ I needed to see her. During the session we didn’t speak and each had a powerful experience. Afterwards we discussed what we had each intuited….

For me I became a being of light. This light was WITHIN me, and my body was translucent with holes in it as the strong light easily penetrated through the almost insignificant physical layer. It was beautiful and something that I had never, to this degree, experienced before. Towards the end I suddenly took a really deeeeeeeep breathe and thought to myself,

“This is my first ever breath with this realisation”

I counted four breaths in this way, and then the session was over. As I got off the therapy table it was like a lighter version of me stood up, leaving my density behind.

Carol then began to explain what she had felt/seen, which was much, but then she said,

“And at the end I saw you as a beautiful baby”

We laughed as we both understood that something very powerful had just happened, and I perceived it not as a ‘rebirth’, rather the birthing of a new level of being. Carol then asked me what I was doing exactly nine months before, and I began to count back from the 3rd of July; I couldn’t remember anything specific about the beginning of October, but I knew I had booked Bentinho’s retreat that month. So I raced upstairs to see what date I had actually booked it, not quite believing that it was possible to be exactly nine months before.

I searched through paperwork and then found the ticket confirmation that I had printed out when I booked. Sure enough the date showed that it was in fact the 3rd of October that I’d booked the retreat!

It took a number of days for this shift to filter through the layers of my being
But what I realised was that in the moment of ‘birthing’ during the healing session, I was ready; the initiation was over, and the time had come for me to step into a higher frequency. It had taken nine months to develop and now was the time to shed the skin of my old life completely.

For the next five days before I flew to the Netherlands it was like I was in a dream; my body was present but nothing else was, for I was ready to get going and begin the next stage of my evolution. It was almost painful to watch this poor body go through the motions when all it really wanted was to get on that flight and ascend!

The moral of the story of course is the power of intention
The moment this retreat was announced I must have been one of the first to book it; NOTHING was going to stop me from being there, every single cell in my body vibrated to that frequency. I was 100% committed, and therefore the work BEGAN on the 3rd of October when the energetic financial transaction was made.

I watch this happen all the time when clients book onto the QS Residential Retreat; as soon as they pay a deposit something shifts. And it is for me also, for we are all one; as Bentinho Massaro says, we are not just each an individual wave in one ocean; WE ARE THE WATER.

And so the retreat began
Tomorrow I’ll talk about what happened getting to the venue….


BBC Radio 4.

Last week one of our members and QS Guides Sophie was featured in the BBC 4 radio programme You & Yours talking about second chances. In a piece that I am calling ‘An Open Mind And Pair Of Slippers’ you can also listen in to what Sophie had to say about Quantum Sobriety here:

Click here to listen in; Sophie is at the 14 minute mark and this will only take you a couple of minutes of your time….


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