Losing Concentration 🙈

Daily Motivation 218

Just ONE thought can take us off
We are gone
Lost in the slipstream of time
The present moment swallowed up
This used to happen to me a lot:
In a yoga posture; total balance until a thought comes in and rather than let that thought go, I go to it, get consumed and then down the rabbit hole I go, and physically am instantly off balance
Or in retreat chanting in Tibetan, trying to keep up with the unfamiliar tongue, doing well until that pesky thought comes in which pulls me into it’s lure, and BAM! I’m gone, lost my place in the text, and fumbling around trying to get back to where I was
Of course our meditation practice is teaching us to remain here, now, in the present moment. We train our minds each day, learning slowly how to stay, and our concentration skills build without us even realising. And then all of a sudden the loss of focus doesn’t seem to happen any more (and if it does it’s really obvious). Now we are able to remain present every second of the day; witnessing life in all it’s beauty, vibrancy and fullness.
And this translates into every corner of our lives
That is why we are doing it
It is all-encompassing
Affecting everything in our lives
Touching our relationships, work, health, finances and well-being
You end up realising that you can’t NOT meditate every day
If you DON’T your day doesn’t go so well, you feel out of sorts, and the flow dries up
You realise just how much impact your daily practice is having on your life
So you recommit to it
Embrace it
Make time for it
Get up earlier
Go to bed later
On my Facebook page this week I posted about how much yoga and meditation practice I had done that day (it was 4 hours) and someone said
“I wish I had the time”
And why wouldn’t you FIND the time if it is going to have such a positive impact on everything that you do?
I do
It’s a priority
Is it for YOU?
Are YOU committed?
Do you need some extra help?
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Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
“Yesterday I did OK with the sugar but for some reason completely skipped my morning meditation practice. I NEVER do that! It’s as much a part of my morning routine now as having a shower and walking the dogs. All day I was saying to myself it doesn’t matter, I’ll do it sometime. But why didn’t I do it? Meditation for me at the moment, no matter the subject, is very emotional and I think my head was telling me to give it a rest and to skip it. Result: I was out of sorts and off balance all day. So before I went to sleep I spent a few minutes setting my intention for today and then meditating. It doesn’t matter if I cry all the way through it. It is what it is and I clearly need to release emotion at the moment.”
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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