Life Outside The Bubble

We often don’t realise how far we’ve come until we take ourselves out of our usual environment, to some unfamiliar place.
I live in the middle of nowhere on top of a hill, and do quite literally live in a bubble of loveliness.
I’ve created the world I choose to live in and that includes healthy food, healthy relationships and a healthy working atmosphere. We don’t do stress, the news, microwave dinners, arguments or struggle.
We live deep within the law of attraction and trust that the universe provides us with exactly what we need, when we need it.

Every guest that arrives at the retreat centre is there because they are supposed to be, and our job is to show them how to live a harmonious life physically, mentally and emotionally. We’ve been doing this for 20 months now: living; breathing; eating; speaking; and thinking the practice. And of course it has had a profound effect but you don’t realise this until you are somewhere different….

Like Euston station on a Monday morning with trains delayed because of ‘an incident’. Suddenly I was surrounded by anger and it was a shock to me! I hadn’t realized how much my meditation practice has softened me, and just how far down the ‘design-your-own-life’ rabbit hole I’d strayed.

The couple standing next to me on the concourse whined and moaned about the delay, whilst I relished the extra time to skype my sister, brother-in-law and newborn niece whom I will miss whilst I’m away for a few days. The tall man with the glasses huffed, puffed and complained to the staff, whilst I felt bad for the person who felt so unhappy in their lives that they jumped in front of a train.
I realise that I see things differently.
The struggle with life has gone completely.
I’m happy.
I am provided for.
I get out of my own way.
And I allow life to unfold beautifully before me.

Who do you think is happier and healthier?
The person who lives life like me, or the one who fights against the delayed train and staff at the station?
I missed my connecting train up to Scotland so I caught the next one. I CHOOSE whether that fact is going to hurt me or bounce off me. Why do we treat ourselves so unforgivingly?  Is time more important than sanity????
My bubble is:

  • full My View From The Train
  • easy
  • happy
  • peaceful
  • connected
  • content
What’s yours like?
How do you react when presented with a stressful situation?
Do you crack?
Stamp your feet?
Or do you see the silver lining?
The reason you are having that experience…..
Perhaps you need the rest if you’re struck down with an illness.
Perhaps the train that you missed broke down and would have caused you an even longer delay.
Perhaps the reason your partner walked away is because there is even greater love around the corner for you:

Do you fight life? Or welcome it?

And would you like to learn how to give up the struggle? How to take life on the chin and smile?
Let me know! Cos I’ve got the answers!
I am living it.
And it is all down to MEDITATION.

This recent trip has shown me without doubt how much meditation has changed me. My sharp edges have now smoothed, allowing stress to literally slide off me with no way to attach itself on to me. I’m calm, focused, and everything easily falls into place. And all this ON THE WAY to my 10 day meditation retreat!! What on earth am I going to be like afterwards!!

For that you are going to have to wait until next time…..
Have a wonderful week and I’d love to know how meditation has already changed YOUR life, or if you are planning on beginning a practice and are READY to change xx

Copyright: Jo De Rosa March 2015

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