What Is The Language Of The Quantum? ⚛

Daily Motivation 184

There is a language that we all speak
Yet no words are spoken
Every single one of us is emitting this communication
Yet no sounds are uttered

We can feel it
We respond to it
We are sometimes repelled by it
Oftentimes we are magnetised

It affects our every action
and belief

VIBRATION Is The Language Of The Quantum

It listens to YOUR vibration
It responds to YOUR vibration
It is your servant
Your master
It obeys your every command

So what are you putting out?
What are you ‘saying’ to the world without even moving your lips?
Have a think about that….

Yesterday I was a guest speaker at a ‘Creators Of Peace’ event, as part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival.

I talked about my struggle with addiction, bankruptcy, bad relationships and years of struggle. I stood alongside many other great women too; some of whom are picture her including Marie-Christine Nibagwire, a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide; Ruthi Brandt, originally from Israel and Oxfords Green Party City Counsellor since 2014; and 12 year old Lydia who talked about her hopes for all women to have a good education and start in life.

What struck me about every single speaker was the VIBRATION of the message; each one talking about finding inner peace so that their individual situation could be overcome, transcended, and then created into something that could help others.

We each have our own frequency
An individual story that we’ve lived through
Some have been through great pain like Marie-Christine who was shot at as she fled Rwanda and hid for four months with her young daughter on her back until she made it to the relative safety of Kenya. While for others it is more subtle, watching helplessly from a comfortable home as humans kill and maim each other.

All voices are valid
All experiences are worthy

Our job is to connect with our truth
Understand our frequency and what we are putting ‘out’
And realise that there is actually so much that we can do
So many ways we can help
And it all starts with ourselves
Only then do we have the tools to assist others out of their pain

What an opportunity!
And us addicts are on the front line
We KNOW struggle
We UNDERSTAND what it’s like to be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be
So here we are
Working it out
Finding our way
What an opportunity!

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

It’s my six month soberversary today….
Roll on my next six months of sobriety – I never honestly planned to carry on past six months when I joined QS I never thought I would make it to six months without a drink and if I did I’d celebrate with champagne (2 bottles both gifts sitting in a cupboard at home) couldn’t think of any way I would least like to celebrate now – just happy to have my peace of mind, coffee, contentment of time with my dog rather than a huge hangover and huge resistance to the walk of shame (dog walking with a hangover)!!

J, Online Programme

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