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  • So what does it look like when the ego dies?
  • And how can anything dying be a good thing?
  • Did you watch the video that I made reference to in yesterdays blog?

As we evolve through the densities it becomes less about US and more about the collective.
As we evolve through the densities it becomes less about what we RECEIVE and more about what we can GIVE

Ego wants, needs, desires, craves
Beyond ego there is no compulsion for anything

All urgency to get somewhere has vanished
And you are left with contentment, ease and peace; it is the state we are all ultimately reaching for. Us addicts have it good too, for we are being forced through this lesson in a more critical way than the masses; therefore having the opportunity to kill ego quicker than most.

Ego won’t, however, go quietly
It will try and trick you into buying into it even more
Just like the trigger to drink wine in the evening for the addict

“Just one”
“It will ease the pain / struggle / boredom”

It wants you to scratch the itch
It doesn’t want to die
And its cunning game will ambush you if you’re not ready and waiting

So you see that us addicts are the lucky ones;
Already armed with the tools to overpower ego
This is when the QS programme turns from the substance (first year) to ego (second), for we use all of what we’ve learnt from our addiction into all areas of our lives and literally have the chance to transcend ego entirely.

The trigger will come along shouting and screaming, just as ego does
It wants attention
It wants its own way
And it wants it NOW!


Once we have watched the trigger to drink / drug / binge eat / gamble etc… and seen it for what it truly is, we can laugh when they come; and this is when triggers HAVE to weaken and die.

And ego is exactly the same
We are training for life
Make none of it wrong
Every struggle is there to learn from
Don’t be the object (victim) any longer
Begin to live subjectively (being the observer)
And then transcend the lot (becoming formless)
Take back your power
Overcome your addiction, then ego
YOU have the chance for it all….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:


Hi all, well I wasn’t going to post much as I thought it might be “silly” to keep updating you: anyway, got to airport and had a Starbucks. Couldn’t work out why it felt strange -ah! – because I didn’t go to the bar and have a beer or wine with a meal. Check!
So that’s first airport visit and flight done sober. I felt like a different person on the plane. I felt CLEAN. To be continued.xx

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