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Daily Motivation 296


It’s time
No more waiting
If you don’t jump now the struggle is going to feel worse
With these new energies on earth time IS speeding up

Have you heard of the Schumann resonance?
It is the heartbeat of the earth, its electromagnetic field, and it has sat pulsating at 7.83 Hz for 1,000’s of years. Then in 2014 it began to rise somewhere between 15-25 Hz; unheard of, and this year for the first time in history it has now increased five times to above 36 Hz

What this means is that the energy on earth is more intense
‘No shit Sherlock’ 
I hear you say
For we can ALL feel it, right?
And the brain is in a state of ANXIETY at this higher frequency; 7.83 Hz is where we’re at when we meditate, so with the earth now vibrating at 36+ it is no wonder that IF WE ARE NOT MEDITATING DAILY we are going to be pushed over by stress and overwhelm.

I see so many around me literally exploding with stress
The body ravaged by illness
Work life collapsing as you can no longer be in a job that doesn’t feed the soul
Relationships shattering as the heart calls for deeper, more meaningful connection
Struggling to give up booze / drugs / food
Realisations that you simply do not want to live the way you have been any longer

So if this is happening to you
It is happening to all of us
Our old worlds HAVE to die so that we can rise in these new energies
But this process can only happen once we become AWARE and CONSCIOUS
For it is this rising of consciousness that drives our new world
A place where we CHOOSE rather than merely accept the ‘norm’

Meditation plays a vital role in this
Without it we will continue to feel the stretch and not understand what is being asked of us. Meditation leads us there first, takes us by the hand, and guides the way. It is the calm in the storm, a place to retreat to over and over again and I truly believe that this community holds the space for a new era to be born. And those brave enough to sit in meditation and work through whatever comes up will reap the rewards, just like one of our members did last night (conversation below).

It may SEEM like you are moving backwards
When the shit hits the fan
But quite the opposite is happening;
You are
CLEARING THE PATH for your future
If you have been following this blog for a while you will remember the whole story of when I saw HH Dalai Lama in the UK in 2008. After five days of teachings I got really sick, and ended up in hospital, but rather than think ‘poor me’ I instinctively knew that I was clearing a ton of old ‘stuff’. It was my first judgement day in a series of them that would last until 2012, when I took my last drink.
And even though they have been:
Even though I have at times wanted to give in and take a drink, or stop believing
I never did
Because deep down I KNEW it was meant to be this way
I was shedding the old me
I could become my full potential
The insect reaches its judgement day
It can remain in its old skin
Or grow
And it is scary to see part of you fall away, but just look at the vibrancy of what is emerging.

Judgement day is good
Scary yes, but good scary!
And as our precious earth continues to speed up, we must also. THAT is what is being asked of us, and if you are following your heart (yesterdays blog) then you will KNOW the direction to go in. And the more you hold on to the past and the old ways of doing things the MORE difficult life will get for you;

CHOICE ONE: Stay the same and be pulled apart (by the new energies)
CHOICE TWO: Endure the growing pains knowing that relief is just around the corner

So, what is your decision?
It is judgement day
And QS is an incubator for your growth should you honour the transformation and freedom that is awaiting all of us….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Tonight is the first time I’ve been unable to cope without drink . …it’s a village celebration party, I know pretty much everyone, they knew my husband, know my story, lots of people to talk to, sit with, but the dancing is just starting, everyone getting loud and smiley happy. I’ve left, and am at home feeling very flat and left out. Not sure I could dance sober and felt an idiot saying no as I was a sure fire person to be there on the dance floor. Oh well , thought I would tell you all as have no one else to commiserate with ! (and I am NOT drinking at home) X❞
G, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
And in response: 
❝OMG, that’s amazing. (gonna try not to swear Here)… Do you realise you just overcame a massive trigger successfully?.. OK you may feel flat now and I get it. However tomorrow you will feel the benefits. . You have just stepped yourself up to the next level and next time you find yourself in this kind of situation you will be a different you from the you tonight. . It will be easier for sure..
J, Online Programme
❝Wow, well done ****. This is amazing. Major upgrade. You did what you needed to do to protect your sobriety. What an inspiration you are. As *** says, the time will come when you can dance the night away and not be triggered. For now though, protection of sobriety is THE most important thing and you did that. You may have felt flat and a bit sad, but that’s OK too. It’s all part of the process. Tell us how you feel this morning! xx❞
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


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