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Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Jo time 

It took ages passing my driving test because the driving instructors approach towards me didn’t fit my needs and my head. It felt hard and I felt I was battling all the time. The more I tried to do things right they ended up wrong. I changed driving instructor and passed my test straight away with no struggle. 

People have said to me why don’t I try a different retreat now I’ve done one full one and a mini retreat at IG.
IG is where I feel my head is right. It’s where I can fix the most buried things in my heart. It’s where I feel safe. 

When I messaged jo I asked her for some jo time! She said I don’t know what jo time is but she is there for me. 

Jo time is where I can explore my weaknesses addiction and inner most private thoughts in a place that feels like home. It’s like going back to your mums when your poorly. Just talking brings me to the best of me and gives me space for me to move forward to the next layer. 

Jo time is passing my driving test after years of failing. 

I have known for months now that I needed to go back on retreat at IG but work and *** kept getting in the way.
It’s taken me to get to the lowest point I’ve been in a long time to then contact jo and finally put the money down for a mini retreat end of September. 

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