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I went in to meditation yesterday morning with a very specific question in my mind; what does the third year of the QS Online Programme look like? I’ve kind of been writing the programme as I go over the past 16 months, as it’s been good to get a vibe from those doing the course, and adjusting it as appropriate. However I’ve got a plan for up to two thirds of the way through the second year, but wasn’t clear about how the year would end or what any of the content would be for the final year of the QS ‘school’.

And don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t stressing about it as I know that EVERYTHING appears when it is supposed to; the teacher always comes when the student is ready, and I knew that the answer would come when it was good and ready. Which was exactly what happened yesterday; and now I have total clarity of the energy of the third year and how it will all tie together, becoming a training for not just addiction to a particular substance or behaviour, but a blueprint for freedom, and dare I say it enlightenment. 

For that is ultimately what we all long for in our hearts, yes?
For the story to drop completely and for us to live in continual peace
No matter what is going on around us; being at one with the world

So QS just became a ‘school of life’, beginning with the gross addiction that you joined with and the teachings becoming more and more subtle; tools that can be applied to any situation. I knew this download was ‘right’ because I FELT it: my heart opened, my whole energy field expanded, like every cell was giving me the ‘yes’ message. And I am excited that those graduating at the end of the three years will have an enhanced understanding of themselves and how life works, they will become leaders of the free world; guiding others on the path to liberation.

For what I’ve noticed over the last year as my understanding of myself and the world deepens is that I no longer look to those in ‘power’ for advice, for these people that we see in newspapers and on TV have done NO work on themselves, no time on the cushion. They do not have the first clue about following their intuition or having an awareness of how their actions, policies and decisions affect the masses;

Why would I listen to a bunch of people who are living solely from their heads, and have no idea about living from the heart, from truth?
Why would I give my power away to someone who would gladly take it?
Why would I revere those that revel in greed and inauthenticity, like the ‘celebrities’ that we see grace the covers of magazines and who are famous only for the amount of plastic surgery they’ve had?

Those are not the leaders of the emerging world
And this is why I am not interested in the politics of today; I’m more interested in laying the foundation for tomorrow. We can all complain that we don’t like what we have, but is there a feasible alternative? Not YET. But it is forming globally, I can feel it; a new generation of leader who lives from truth, this is our future and this is where I put all my energy.

The school of life
Understanding yourself
Working out how the quantum operates
Learning how to live by its rules of gratitude, generosity, compassion and love
Living from truth
Maybe one of US will be the leader of the free world?

So join me today on your cushion visioning this world where we are all given an equal place, we are all heard, all loved, all respected, appreciated and cherished
Walk through the door of the Quantum Sobriety School….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Thank  you Jo for birthing QS and creating a safe secure place for everyone to discover themselves, find the courage to speak their truth and embrace self-love.  Meditation has changed my life in such an unexpected way and shown me there is a way to freedom from addiction. You truly are a modern day Angel❞

L,  Online Programme


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