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Daily Motivation 263


Over the weekend whilst in London, I spent the early evenings walking alongside the river taking in the sights and allowing HH Karmapa’s teachings to assimilate. I noticed the many joggers and the near constant whir of planes and helicopters. Then as I turned away from the river and walked through the streets of the capital, I saw ladies in salons having their hair, nails and botox done and it struck me how much chasing we do.

We want to look like this
We want to go there
We want to be as good as her
We want to look as sexy as him
We want to be fitter
We want to look younger
We want to be more beautiful


We are not taught to sit back and appreciate what we already have, for there is so much available to us. So is there no wonder that we get addicted to ‘having it all’? Do we really want ‘it all’ anyway? And when we get to the place where we have it all, will we be happy then?


For now we’ve got into the cycle of ‘need’
We ‘need’ the next botox injection to maintain the face we long for
We ‘need’ to go jogging tonight to burn of the crap we ate/drank last night
We ‘need’ to buy the latest fashionable clothes to fit in with everyone else
We ‘need’ to have our hair done so that others will find us attractive

It is total bonkers
And this ‘need’ vibe that we carry around with us is altogether unattractive
‘Needing’ something from another is unhealthy; we should be able to provide everything we ‘need’ for ourselves.

I felt this ‘need’ to conform and look a certain way from the faces in the street and realised that I have what they are searching for:


For when you have it there is no one to please
No one to impress
No one to look like
For when you accept yourself for who you really are, the struggle AGAINST who you are has gone.
There is no more ‘trying’
There is no more ‘searching’
There is no more ‘yearning’
There is no more ‘following’

And as all of that falls away, what is left is pure acceptance of who we really are
We ‘see’ ourselves perhaps for the very first time
Recognise something that is innate in all of us
And then witness THIS in the other
NOT the clothes they wear, or the style of their hair, but the light,the essence, the god within all of us. And call it whatever you will, we will each have our own term that we prefer to use, I don’t mind, however today I am using/feeling/seeing LIGHT

‘The Light Within Me Sees The Light Within You’
…is the direct translation of the word ‘Namaste’

This is what we are searching for within ourselves, and WHEN we find it there first we can see it in all of the others too. Then you will also know that the search is over, you have ‘found’ what you have always been looking for, and life turns a new exciting corner….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Quantum Sobriety has completely changed my life, in so many beautiful ways. When I joined in April 2016, I was desperate. My 20 year history of heavy drinking had slowly been ramping up 10 gears and was building into a horrid crescendo. I was either drinking 2 bottles of wine or practically a bottle of gin, almost daily. I was binge eating, preferred to drink on my own and wasn’t looking after myself or my home. In March 2016 I was violent to a family member (this is so unlike me, not a violent bone in my body) and knew I needed to find help. I had tried AA 5 years previous but felt so out of place. I was petrified of some of the folk in the meeting and felt no kin-ship there. The AA story certainly didn’t resonate with my soul and the content seemed so damning and heavy.

I remember asking the Universe for help. To find me something that would help me stop drinking and address my issues but with a spiritual twist that resonated with me. This was the end of March 2016. By the 4th April, I had found QS on the Soberistas website and had signed up for the online programme. ‘Learn how to create a reality as if you’d never been addicted’ Jo puts forward. Challenge on I thought. I was in a constant battle of waking up feeling horrendous, negative self hate chat all day, the never agains, eat crap food and by 5pm, I had convinced myself that buying 2 bottles of wine, just one more night, would be the answer. 

For Jo to say I could feel like I was never addicted sounded amazing and I was very keen to try QS. Is this Jo De Rosa a magician? Well yes, as it turns out, she is! I was invited to join the secret Facebook community and did my daily meditations religiously. It was amazing to feel part of a group that understood me. To be part of a community of like-minded, loving, supportive souls that were all going through similar stuff. Doing the meditations and checking in daily with the group became my new addiction. I cannot begin to thank the on-line community enough for their love and support over the last year. An amazing bunch of people. Fact.

Each new month, I looked forward to the new meditation. My connection to source was growing strong and I felt a deep connection with myself. I was finally starting to heal. Meditation, without a doubt, has completely rewired my brain. I am sober, no more negative chat, I am happy and I love myself. QS provides the amazing tools to develop this. I have had some epic meditations and now do daily rituals that nourish my soul. Not rob myself of self esteem and self respect. I am a completely different person now and will be eternally grateful to Jo, the team behind QS and all the gorgeous folks in the QS community.

Now just to add, I have had relapses but that is no reflection on Jo’s work or Quantum Sobriety. Doing the meditations daily is paramount. Taking the time to do this and develop self care is a must. The ebbs and flows of life happens and I don’t beat myself up when I have relapsed. In those times, reaching out to the community has always provided me with love and motivation. When one person is struggling, everyone comes together to help lift that person up.

I am now very strong in my sobriety and know with all my heart, I won’t ever go back to hell. The tools and support from QS, the daily blogs from Jo and the gentle encouragement and being part of something special has been wonderful in my recovery. A constant source of motivation, inspiration and support. I dread to think where I would be if I hadn’t found QS and I cannot thank you all enough.❞

K, Online Programme


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