It’s Time To Free Fall 🍃


I know that my whole adult life I’ve been controlling over:
My weight
How I look
How I act
What people think of me
and do you know what? It’s EXHAUSTING

My control issues got so bad and my OCD so acute that I got picked up on it by my then counsellor, who watched me from her office go back and check that my car was locked at least ten times 😞

So what can we do?
Following on from yesterdays blog;
We’re going to turn 180 degrees and LET THE FRIG GO!

It’s time to free fall
For when we are locked in on controlling behaviour we have turned our back on awareness; we cannot have both at the same time.

What are you choosing in this moment?
Which direction are you looking?

It’s time to free fall
Are you scared?
What you should be scared of is staying where you are
You know you don’t want to remain in a place of struggle and control, so what have you got to lose?

It’s time to free fall
And what about if I told you that what is on the other side of this decision is freedom, happiness and all that you have ever dreamt of?
Isn’t it scary to NOT jump
To not try
To stay stuck in your job, addiction, relationship, beliefs that hold you back and keep you away from the life that you were destined to have?
For me THAT is the scariest thought of all, that if I hadn’t of jumped I would never be experiencing the bliss that I do on a constant basis now. So I urge you to jump today, even if it is just a small jump. Get used to jumping!

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