It’s A Privilege To Be A Recovering Addict 😇


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I was going to send this before I went but thought it might help now as that’s what this family is about – helping and I can answer any questions. I leave (for my holiday) on the 10th Dec. 

Christmas and new year beautiful pods in the world flower: 

Subconsciously every one is turned into an addict at this time of year. Propaganda, brainwashing and subliminal advertising all help to push our addictive buttons through consuming of clothes, food, stuff, presents, drink, drugs, parties, events, sales etc etc!
It’s when a person goes sober or finds a spirtitual path that they notice the full exstent of this negative power force. So for us it can be a tough time of year and starts so frolicking early! 

This is where self love is vitally important. Last year was extremely tough for me, first Xmas sober! Depression hit hard and loneliness hit in hard because everything was different to the norm; I.e. Different to my habits! In May this year when I relapsed I was suppose to go away on a spiritual journey to Nepal but due to dishonesty I ended up hiding in my house for 16 days relapsing! 

Although very tough on me these two situations taught me great lessons of self love and honesty. I mentioned before that you have to commit to your sobriety and all of us will have different levels of commitment but there’s NO doubt change is necessary to succeed!!
and continually along the path (not just at the beginning)!
After meeting many addicts in this last 17 months it’s very clear that a huge amount don’t ever get clean, survive or better their lives!! 🙁 we are very lucky! 

However, good things can happen and due to cutting out socialising, drinking, drugs and consumerism plus manifestation of my vision board I’m able to go travelling for a month to Sri Lanka on a path to deepen my Buddhist mediation, follow in some footsteps of my guardian angel, visit my families tea plantations and spend Xmas, birthday and new year in a yoga sanctuary filled with positivity, caring, loving and fun with total strangers!
Yay! Sober adventures but still testing myself!! 

This is what commitment and self love looks like. Plus some patience!!
For me to be ‘happy’ at this hectic time of year it’s better for me to be in a challenging but different safe environment. So I planned! Planned it back in July so that there was no panic at the start of the winter and I could concentrate on my mediation and sobriety safely. 

The difference to how I was last year is incredible. I’m more honest with myself, more free, more loving and sober but no doubt still with struggles, but that’s ok. Each day at a time!
I hope this can help someone understand the commitment and energy needed and that it doesn’t happen over night!
I’ve recorded my 642nd mediation practice since last April in my journal. 

I will have communications but part of my trip is to switch of completely so I will wish you all a very happy Xmas, happy new year and mostly that you find courage and safety in yourselves. It’s just another time In the year and if you come out of it sober the rewards will be far greater than you can imagine!
If your fragile stay away from any situation that is linked to your addiction – NO matter what the consequences!
Don’t be dishonest with yourself! 

With each passing trouble and pain in your life, if you remain sober your strength grows two fold!
Don’t cave in because there’s a private rainbow on the other side waiting to hug you and you alone!

What’s the point in living if we can’t learn from mistakes and express ourselves?? 

It’s an absolute privilege to be a recovering drug/alcohol/sex addict! It does not define who I am; it defines the choices I make tomorrow. I am 100% grateful for it! 

Love, strength and rainbows 🙏

Blessings and have a wonderful day tomorrow X
T, Residential Retreat & Online Programme

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