It All Begins To Change When You Do This One Thing


Really we only have one job in life

One that we have throughout our lives
It is the undercurrent that everything else come from
And if we don’t get this one job in check and do it well, then we will begin to see everything fall apart…
…and maybe that is why you are reading this blog
Maybe your life has begun to crumble away, disintegrate, have the cracks started to appear?

The one thing that you have to do is:


And when you do
Slowly you will see the changes externally as your inner world shifts.


Do you get it?
Do you see that you are in control here?
And that by trying to ‘fix’ what is on the outside (what you SEE externally) is only making life morecomplex, like building a wall to protect whats within when really what is within has the power to not only protect itself but establish transformation.

So can you let go of the desire to ‘fix’?
Can you trust that by connecting to your inner world you get all of the answers that you could ever need to be truly happy? And that by trying to control everything, actually what you are doing is pushing it away even further.

So we’ve been doing the exact OPPOSITE for months, years and maybe even decades; fiddling around with all the stuff on the surface, hoping that it will heal what is deep within.
But of course it can’t
We have to do THE INNER WORK
Become aware
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*this blog was first published in February 2017


Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I have come to count this group as family, a tribe, an army of love and support always standing beside me every day… so I think that is why I took ******* news so hard. A member of my ‘family’ was hurting and in trouble and I wanted to make it better for her, just like I do when one of my own family is hurt. The point of my post….. we should all never forget that we have each other, day and night to talk through thoughts/actions/triggers BEFORE we get to crisis point. Please remember my wonderful QS family that any of you can talk to me whenever you need to. Like I said one tribe, strong, standing side by side 
Online Member

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