Is My Sobriety Selfish?


Take the following words into your day
Use them as a focus
Come back to them whenever you get pulled into drama or stress
Or when you forget that anything is possible…


It’s one of the beginning stumbling blocks of the spiritual path this; to think,

“But I’m being so selfish by not conforming to everyone (usually family)’s needs, by looking after myself” 

Not realising that this is the very first step
A test
For you HAVE to do this
It is imperative
To be able to fully give yourself to others
With no agenda



Member Quote Of The Day:

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I have not been on here for a little while because I have just had my first holiday abroad completely alcohol free!! I have just come back from Italy and normally this would have involved drinking copious amounts of wine – starting on the flight out!! I am so glad that I sat and acknowledged those old itches and feelings of habit which said that I should have a glass of wine in my hand and asked them to show me the benefits. Of course there were none, so the thoughts and feelings moved right on, leaving me free. Have so much to catch up on, Jo’s podcast with Jamie Lee Grace, chats etc. My house is in chaos at the minute due to having a new bathroom fitted, but what a chance for major clearing out! Also, how timely that one of the first things I should read is about fitting meditation in around our lives instead of the other way around – right cushion out! XX

Online Member


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