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Every Wednesday I am sharing some Wisdom with you; my teachers; my influences and who I am inspired by. I hope you enjoy!

Michael Langford.

“Inward problems
cannot be solved
by looking outwards”

And this is the age old imbalance of substance addiction
We begin to believe that it is the alcohol / cigarette / drug / food that is helping us
When it is actually exacerbating the problem

Sometimes it is too difficult to look within
Sometimes it is too painful to look within
And so we look outward
We reach for something that will numb us
Distract us
Delay the inevitable
That one day we must face

But you are here
Reading this
There is of course a spark of recognition
That you ARE ready
It IS time

Can you turn around
Begin to look inward
And cease reaching for that which anaesthetises you to your truth….

Member Quote.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I got told that I had to network today at 4pm for after work drinks…to get to meet the new team on the new project I’m going on.. I politely declined and then declined again sending my apologies then more or less got told it was mandatory (because officially it was in work time) tried to get out of it as best I could but it didn’t work.. so I went across to *** and networked while everyone was ordering cocktails.. I ordered a latte, then had a glass of tap water.. I got lots of stick for it but stuck by my guns and promptly left as soon as I could.. feeling very proud xx back home safely in my pjs with a herbal tea xx 
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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