Are You Going To Ask That Imposter To Leave?


Our natural state is one of peace, love and connection. However we are pulled away by intoxicants, stress, boredom and conditioning. So if within us we have the potential to realise all of our dreams, why then do we continue to harm ourselves?

We know that taking that drink, pulling cancer-forming smoke into our lungs, shouting at our spouse or eating the whole packet of biscuits is damaging not just our bodies but our mental health. But we continue the behaviour, perpetuate the cycle, and strengthen the habit every time we indulge in it.

So today take a look at where and when the addictive urge takes hold of you. Believe that you deserve to let go of who you have pretended to the world (and yourself) to be so that the REAL you can step forwards and claim the life you deserve.

Are you going to ask that imposter to leave?

And whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food or low self-esteem NOW really is the time to come back to your natural state of peace, love and connection.
Can you imagine how different your day could be without the imposter of drink/drugs/food/etc?
Gift yourself the day that you deserve….

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