If You Say So 🤷‍♀️


Once you comprehend the following concept, through the exercise described below, you will never be able to go back
You will notice it in others too
How we limit ourselves
Shut down so much possibility
When really it is ALL on offer

‘You are what your deep, driving desire is
As your desire is, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny’

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

The Upanishads are sacred Indian documents dating 900 – 300 BC of which Hinduism as well as Buddhism were born. The focus is of ‘Brahman’ (ultimate reality as opposed to relative) and ‘Atman’ (soul, self); “know that you are the Atman” (not the physical body) is the core of the teaching. I studied these scriptures in my yoga teacher training, and the fundamental principle of QS is not new to me; my writing and what I share with you everyday is supported by these ancient philosophical concepts.

We are in such an important era
A time where ancient Eastern mysticism joins Western science
Like two companies in talks to merge with one another

When you think about it science is all about new discoveries, and what was new yesterday is no longer interesting to the scholar today. However what is happening now is that science is coming up with ‘proof’ of what this archaic Sanscrit wisdom described thousands of years ago; and what comes next is nothing that any of us have seen before.

We are living in this exciting period
We are witnessing the ultimate fusion or birth of ‘unity consciousness’
And it all means that YOU matter
YOU are part of this
And todays exercise will open the door
Allow you to see your strength
Realise all that you really are
Take back your power
And live in a totally different way

So what is this method?
How can we do this?
Well, it is a shift in consciousness
A different way of seeing things
So simple that once you ‘get’ it you’ll never look back….

Whatever you believe, think, say, do
Becomes your reality
So it looks a little like this:

“I can’t meditate, my mind is too busy”

“I can manifest anything I wish”

“I have a crippling and incurable illness”

“My body is getting younger the older I get”

“Our planet is destined for destruction”

“Our planet is moving into a period of great peace”

Today in meditation step back from your thoughts
Begin to observe the conversation the mind has
And see just what is going on in your world
What do you believe?
What are you creating?
And can you see that you are placing boundaries up with every single theory, judgement, opinion and assumption

Once you can gather comprehension around this
And only then
Can you begin to break down these walls you have put up around yourself
Shielding you from the truth…
…which is that YOU are capable of
a n y t h i n g

Perhaps that is pretty scary
To have the full load of responsibility directly on your shoulders
No one else to blame
Just you
It is actually the opposite
Because you can change it all
That is in your power

So awareness is key
To first know WHAT is going on in your belief system
What you are CHOOSING to become your reality
And then
Once you can see this
The floodgate is open
And you will not believe what is coming your way
Beyond your wildest dreams
You have no idea what is waiting
For you have never allowed yourself to before

But now it is time
Now you are ready
Whatever you believe, think, say, do, will become your reality
So take control
Open the door
Become all that you are destined to…

Member Quote Of The Day.

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My boss went out of his way to buy me these (box of chocolates) today knowing I am vegan bless him. Only prob is….. you guessed it total sugar overload. To be honest I wasn’t really wanting to eat them even before I knew they were full of sugar. Hubby is going to have them. Oh how I have changed would have eaten the whole box in one sitting!!!
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