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So it’s 6am
It’s the 13th of May
And I am up writing my blog
“What’s so unusual about that?” I hear you ask!
Well today is my birthday and I have never not given myself a lay-in on my birthday before, when it has been possible to do so. Usually today would be the one day that I at least would gift myself a few extra hours in bed, but so much has changed in the last year and now doing THIS (blog) is what I CHOOSE to do.

The way we live our lives is down to perception
All about what we believe to be true
What is important to us
What we value
What we CHOOSE

Not drinking alcohol today is not something that I ‘miss out on’ because it’s my birthday
It is something that I CHOOSE to do because sober is actually so much MORE fun

Not snorting cocaine or popping ecstasy this weekend to ‘celebrate’ is not boring
It is something that I CHOOSE to do because sober is actually far sexier

Not eating sugar-laden, glutenous, disease-forming cake this weekend does not mean I won’t consecrate the occasion
It is something that I CHOOSE to do because I will be eating good-for-me cake instead

Not laying in bed sleeping, watching TV, and generally being lazy does not make me a workaholic
It is something that I CHOOSE to do because I have found my passion, my calling, my truth in life and why would I want to smother it on any day of the week?

Life is a choice
It’s all about perception; the filters that we are looking through
One by one over the last 20 years I have lifted those filters until now I ‘see’ with my heart rather than my head, sometimes I ‘see’ with my heart more than my eyes and in that moment I am living in total connection to the quantum and the pure potential that is available to ALL OF US.

So today on my birthday I will be meditating longer than usual
Reflecting on the past year
Cutting away any last remaining past cords that have tied me to what I ‘should’ do
Release even more of the old limited self, so that my next birth year will be:

And rather than begin the process with a hangover, it is such a pleasure to fully be present to myself and my world….

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Happy Birthday Jo! Thank you for all you do for us and have a wonderful day

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