I Struggled Last Weekend 😔

I struggled last weekend
I wanted to eat spaghetti bolognaise with our guests on Saturday night
I wanted to drink ceremonial grade cacao with our guests on Sunday morning
I wanted to eat pizza, chips, and cacao brownie with our guests on Sunday afternoon
The cravings were ongoing it seemed and driving me crazy
So I sat on my cushion and asked myself,

“What is going on?”

I knew that something was, because 3 weeks into eating only raw foods this was the first resistance I had come across. Luckily I am more than happy to welcome these feelings; for they are revealing another level of who I am. In fact I’d go as far as to say that the reason I’m doing this challenge is to face my demons head on, and I know that there are ever deeper layers to come to the surface for release. 

As I began to drop into meditation asking myself where these cravings were coming from, my body began to communicate with me; it was like the trillions of cells in my body had gathered together to respond,

“Jo, we thought that this raw food malarkey would go on for a week max, then you would return to your normal eating. But now at the near three week mark we are realising that perhaps you do actually really mean it when you say you are going raw for a year. So bear with us we are freaking out a bit, and have thrown you a challenge to see if you really mean it”

I was being tested
And it made perfect sense
How much do I want this?
I knew it would push me out of my comfort zone
And now that I am teetering on the edge
Am I going to fall back into mediocrity
Am I going to keep walking forwards

Of course the later
And literally as soon as I stood up from that meditation, the cravings dropped
I had stepped into the next stage
Proving that my heart was stronger than my mind

A week on and I have not had any cravings this past week
I can feel my body is accepting and adapting to this new lifestyle now
The resistance has dropped

And you can apply what I have described above to any addiction or behaviour. It is the RESISTANCE to something that drives the cravings to do it. Do you really want it? And how badly? Your body and mind will test you for sure, and it is your job to stay strong, stay connected, stay aligned. This is where meditation is your biggest ally; learning the commitment of sitting on your cushion everyday, no matter whether or not you want to, no matter whether you have enough time to do so; you MAKE time, you commit over and over again, it’s not a one shot deal; you don’t make a commitment once and then you’re done, it is an ongoing process.

And what is waiting on the otherside is 

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Love this Jo,
I can FEEL the energy of the power of the words from this
⚡️💥 xx”

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