I No Longer Feel A Failure


With the January QS Residential Retreat last week, I’d like to share a previous participants words three years after joining QS and doing our full five-day Retreat…

Member Quote Of The Day.

“I had a massive shift last Monday, after meditation as I stood up I felt so much lighter, my past fell away and I just felt in alignment. I’m making sure that I continue to meditate everyday and take care of myself and stay connected to the group.

I’ve been sober through New Year, (abroad) and with friends and family, it’s so natural now and nobody says anything. In fact I’m being asked about QS by a few friends who’re questioning their own drinking now. So I’m in a good place and growing everyday, I’m sorry I won’t be at the party as I’m in *** but I’ll definitely be at the summer party.

I no longer feel that I am a failure because I didn’t embrace sobriety as soon as I started on the QS programme and that it’s taken me almost 3 years to get me to where I am now. I’m so grateful for this programme and the continued support that you give me, knowing that you hold a space for me and that I’m in your thoughts means so much to me. You’re AMAZING 💫💫💫💜



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