I Found Myself, Yet Lost Myself


“I found myself
Yet lost myself
All at the same time”



Book Review.

I can honestly say it’s a really good reference book for wherever you are in the programme. I’m nearly two years in and it’s still super relevant. For someone not yet in the programme, it’s a phenomenal place to start. It’s packed full of practical, down to earth Jo wisdom, plus loads of excercises and meditations. When I read it, I kept thinking to myself ‘I must remember this’, ‘I must write this down’. When I have a copy in my hand, I’ll highlight all the important bits (it will be a colourful book!). I might need several so I can give them away! In this group, we know how special QS is and this book will help other people find it too.

Have you read the QS book?
If you have we would be extremely grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon, even if you didn’t buy it through Amazon.
The reason I have shared so much in the book is for this information of how to reach FREEDOM can be easily accessed to a wider audience.Writing a book review is a personal account from a third party, which is so powerful for those ‘thinking’ about but not yet quite ready to take the leap. THANK YOU so much in advance! 

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