I Forgot How To Drive 🤪


I’ve had the most extraordinary week.
And the most delicious breakthrough, that I’ve known to be on the edge of for a the last few weeks. It’s been approaching gently, and the more I want to push and pull and force it into reality the more I actually push it away. 
I knew I had finally shifted on Friday night when I jumped into the car to drive to see David Icke on stage, and forgot how to drive; this from the girl who has been driving for 30 years. I sat there like an alien sitting in a car for the very first time; what should I do first? How was I going to get out of our drive? And who was I anyway? 
Let me explain…
We’ve had back-to-back in-house retreats for the past three weeks near enough, which means that I’ve spent very little time online and haven’t left the farm for all of that time. Now I have created a bubble of a life; inviting only those in that are open, ready, and hungry for awakening. This bubble is on many different levels; physical in as much as we live in the middle of a 500 acre estate; mental with only like-minded individuals in my orbit; emotional with the support of a husband who is on the same page; and spiritual in the form of a strong daily practice of meditation, reflection, and constant looking inward. 
I don’t take my cue from the external world
I know that what I am looking at is an illusion
I don’t take what I see, hear, smell, taste as truth
Instead I trust entirely the inner voice of wisdom that connects all of us
I’ve shared before that the last decision I ever made was the one to follow my truth, and life is then so easy as all you have to do is remain in alignment. How simple could it be?! And why do we have to make it so complicated 🤷‍♀️
The retreat centre has now closed for the remainder of the year and our very last retreat (every year) is with Alison Knox, who painted the three angels in our practice room. Alison posted on social media about our time together and I’d like to share it with you as I couldn’t explain our time together better than she has, 
Way back in November 2015, a group of us gathered for the first ever “Gratitude Retreat” at Inner Guidance in Lavenham, hosted by Jo De Rosa and Dominic DeRosa and assuredly brokered by the angels .
I remember that first year, taking this photo through the window of the dining room, like a small child with nose pressed against the glass, and marveling at the deliciously laden table and the warm conviviality radiating from all those present, who were oblivious to me outside at the window. Fortunately I was soon back in the warmth with everyone.
Circumstances conspired perfectly that we should agree to meet at “Inner Guidance” at this time of year for the next 4 years, as a way of finding our collective and individual breath, unmasking, unfurling and unplugging. It is never exactly the same group, and each year the dynamics shift and change, evolve and expand. The common thread is that we are all prepared to give to each other, as we are willing to receive, without agenda or ownership, ego or expectation. This was not planned, it just happened.
We have just returned from this years gathering, and each of us has left with a sense of personal commitment, to take something forward, to face into that which has been resisted for too long perhaps. For each it is a personal undertaking, between ourselves, with no reprise or comeback if we fail to deliver, but the potential of experiencing huge growth and expansion if we do.
Last year, one of our group undertook to take a Masters degree to enable her to better serve the organisation she currently volunteers for, but intends to work for. This woman has a life that is already FULL, and not always with the good and easy stuff. In the last 12 months she has dealt with the loss of her mum, the hospitalisation and rehabilitation of her dad, the rebuilding of her house, the split from her partner, the finding of her Beloved ( with a cultural and age difference that would thwart a lesser being) a daughter who has struggled with her sense of Self and chosen work, AND she has studied for and delivered of her coursework and dissertation, earning her an MSc (with Merit) her results notified on the last day of our retreat. You could not make this up. . . really you could not!
This year, we were blessed to share food prepared by another one of our group, a beautiful, pure soul who has deep roots in her Jamaican heritage and she wanted to introduce us to some of her traditional spices and preparation of humble ingredients. Her trademark dish was “rice and peas” which she went to great lengths to explain was not green garden peas, but red kidney beans. Later that evening, after we had all enjoyed her delicious plant based home cooking, we settled down for a “gong bath” in the meditation room. The “Gong Master” Dom, said something along the lines of that we were “all connected by peace”, but I misheard and through he said “peas”. I wasn’t far wrong as we were all indeed connected by peas, and love and rice too! So, that became my personal mantra for the rest of the time we had together ” LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE” became “LOVE, RICE AND PEAS” and so it ever shall be in my heart!
Over breakfast on the last morning (it came around all too quickly) we spent a couple of hours sharing our thoughts and feelings for the future, and making those commitment which feel right for us.
My first two are these ~
To complete my NOCN to Diploma level as Funeral Celebrant, and to get my book “According to my angels” reprinted here in the UK with some updates and revisions. 
My third commitment I will share with you tomorrow, . . . . .
In the meantime , LOVE RICE AND PEAS to you all 💗
~ Alison Knox, 30/11/18
My own commitment is to remain in alignment always, to listen and trust my inner wisdom and not get caught up in the drama that unfolds; seeing it for what it is; an illusion. The internal shift that has occurred over the last couple of weeks has been so immense that coming back into the ‘normal’ world has been a challenge (hence forgetting how to drive), proof that where your attention lies is where energy travels to. What is exciting is that when these momentous inner shifts occur, your outer environment HAS to rearrange itself to match your new frequency, so I know that everything is about to deconstruct and reassemble in an upgraded way which will amplify life as i have never known it before. 
Remember once you know, you cannot un-know
Meditation is the path
Do the inner work FIRST for your outer world to transform…

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