I Don’t Want To Be Normal 🙋


We live in a society where mediocrity is typical, where getting up in the morning and going to work that you don’t enjoy is the accepted norm, where putting up with a relationship or marriage that is not fulfilling you is commonplace, and where sinking a bottle of wine every night is what our culture deems acceptable.

I bought into all of that for the beginning of my adulthood, then began to break away from the mould and started to shape the life that I actually wanted. That process started in April 2000 when I left a secure job that I had been doing already for 12 years, sold my home, rehomed my cat, pretty much gave up all of my possessions and moved to Thailand.

I remember so clearly as I said goodbye to workmates the look on their faces and the words they spoke,

“Wow Jo you’re so brave”

But it didn’t seem brave to me, it was a calling of my soul and how could I shut that out? Plus HR had told me that I always could come back to my job if things didn’t work out. But I knew that they would, I knew that I was never coming back, knew that there was something else that I was supposed to be doing. And even though I was in a bad place back then in all areas of my life, I had heard the call and was ready to take my first quantum leap of faith.

There are many who work the 9 to 5 the whole of their adult lives, never experiencing the pulse of their purpose and that to me is like being dead; dead to the richness of life; dead to the flow of potential, forever stunted.

But you do have to go through a rebirth on this exciting journey; the dying of the old in the chrysalis as the butterfly emerges completely transformed.

From that moment when I walked out of the doors of my stable job, sold my flat and went mortgageless and became possession free I said YES to life.

I was reborn.
It was time of expansion.
And a journey that would last a lifetime.

Now take alcohol, sugar and cigarettes.
There has been a huge turnaround with smoking in the last decade and I predict the same thing happening first for sugar and then alcohol too. Sadly we are a conditioned society and believe what our government, our newspapers and the TV tells us and are bombarded with negative messages all of the time. And it takes forward thinkers to break away from the mould and decide that they are not going to fit in to a mediocre life; that is you.

That is why you are reading this.
YOU have decided at soul level that you no longer want to be the living dead.
YOU want to live fully.
And I want to take you to that place, to show you how liberating it is to honour your brilliance rather than curl up in a ball and merely survive.

Sugar kills and makes you fat.
Drugs kill and shut you off from truth.
Alcohol kills and anaesthetises you to your inner light.

And it is time my friend to truly outgrow these substances that have been pulling you down and suffocating your innate wisdom.
Don’t accept normal any longer.
Just because everyone else is unhappy in their job, relationship, daily wine drinking, monotony of life, doesn’t mean that YOU have to do the same. For it is all in YOUR control and the very first thing that you have to do is believe that:

a) It’s possible (and it is believe me!)
b) You deserve it (and you really really do)

Then you take responsibility.
You quantum jump into a new reality.
And there is a whole community of people who have got your back in doing so.
And we’d all love you to join us…..

*this blog was originally published in September 2016

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