I Dared Myself To Believe 🍷

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Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members:

I gave up drinking for the last time three years ago today. I only know this because in the first few months I kept a spreadsheet to ‘justify’ the cost of doing the residential retreat. Every day I didn’t drink I entered the amount I would have spent on drink onto the spreadsheet. Once I’d paid off the costs of the retreat (7 months later), I stopped the spreadsheet.

Today this all seems like it happened in a different lifetime. It all seems so far away. Back then I didn’t really believe that I would give up booze and not miss it but I dared myself to believe, then I began to and then I did. I saw a reality in which I didn’t drink and it became my reality.

Trust that you can do it, believe that you can do it, do the work, be true to yourself and you will. It’s not always easy, it takes courage (I’ve made some difficult choices) but above all it takes commitment to yourself.

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